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    Just to leave my participation, before I forget!!

    From World Wide Software:

    Fortuna Magus -> Silver Nornir

    Symphony of Eternity -> Symphony of Origin

    Legends of Ixtona and Tears Revolude share a few elements in common, but are distinct even in genre.

    I also can’t see any relation between Magitec‘s games, but then, haven’t played them a lot.

    That’s why I’m not making diagrams for these companies. Rideon and Chocoarts with Kemco still only have 1 (one) released game according to @msg-commander and @mpg-annihilator ‘s Kemco Games Index and to Google Play Store. (Some newer games are missing on the index, like Ruinverse, be warned)

    Also, keep in mind that as @andreas pointed out, Marenian Tavern Story is the sucessor of Adventure Bar Story, but the later was not released with KEMCO, so I did not consider it! I hope this helps you in what you wanted, @xatres , but keep in mind it is still highly subjective.


    Thanks a lot @jesusalva😄 Now I can make a new playlist by cross checking your diagram with Kemco Games Index here. The years was particularly helpful.

    Even if they only have 1-2 games, can you please put the rest of the developers? A single diagram will do fine for them.

    Also, Play Store has Ruinverse but it’s not on Kemco Games Index? But why?! Is there any other game missing from the Index?


    Thanks a lot @jesusalva😄 Now I can make a new playlist by cross checking your diagram with Kemco Games Index here. The years was particularly helpful.

    Even if they only have 1-2 games, can you please put the rest of the developers? A single diagram will do fine for them.

    Also, Play Store has Ruinverse but it’s not on Kemco Games Index? But why?! Is there any other game missing from the Index?

    Well, mostly because MSG Commander and his crystals are slow in updating the forum sections and game index. It only affects a few of the most recent titles. If I remember correctly and also as a reference for @msg-commander they are:

    • Liege Dragon
    • Ruinverse
    • Escape from Castle Orochi (not a RPG, walkthrough available on RPG Insanity)


    As for the other request

    They are quite a lot, but most of them aren’t really related to others…

    …Or I just don’t know how to relate them…

    PS. Rounded border means it is not a RPG


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    This is just gut instinct from having played both games, but I feel like Journey to Kreisia (2013 I believe) would fit in the Exe-Create tree immediately after Infinite Dumanis (2012).

    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)


    I was writing to be another topic, but I found good to copy in here:


    What are your favorite Kemco series, officially linked to each other or you think has a link to each other. Yeah it didn’t make much sense but I will start. First to me is the Dragon Series, that makes part Sinker, Lapis and Alvastia Chronicles. Many classic enjoyment in that series, 8-bit spriteart and fitting enemies. I’ve had a great challenge in the Post Game Dungeon in DSinker, and I don’t mean about fighting Wyrmwarg again. It was so comforting to get the message after I win after Deitus, more than 10 wins against the hexagram. Alvastia has many improvements but isn’t as much enjoyable as Dragon Sinker. It made better and more varied sprites. But I can’t get a hold of the partner system. It’s nice having characters from Kemco’s other games as special partners though.


    Second the Chronicles Series. Started by Fantasy Chronicles then Justice, then Bonds of the Skies. All 3 and maybe other guardian spirits for each character. All by Hit-Point. I just played the latter one the only available on Steam. It’s a tough ending if you don’t know to do strategy in a RPG as your levels will likely reach peak in the ending arc. And you will need to choose your abilities and power-ups very wisely. Once each Final Boss satelitte, everyone seems to have in this game, by octahedron or spheric. I got the better weapons that could be found in chests or the “secret” store. At least in this one you don’t have to manage the guardians HP.


    Third is the Asdivine series. Hearts is pretty fly, made me pretty busy with it. Plenty of formations and special weapon abilities. You have many options to attack in this game. But I found Dios much more addicting, even with less brute number of spells. There’s a Unison Raid option that’s great. Mixing the same attack gets a more powerful version of it, and I got an attack spell that recovers MP by a speed buff and a healing spell. I have yet to play to finish both and play their sequels to say. I would like to play Kamura too, that got me a lot interested. Cross got me even more interested because the protagonist doesn’t has that 100% nice guy vibe other Kemco protagonists have. And Asdivine Saga will have yet to get it’s remake translated Westernside. I guess there are more forgotten Asdivine games out in the past.


    Fourth is the Alphadia series, I know that are much more than two classic Alphadia games, not Genesis. There’s Alphadia IV for classic phones as I’ve seen, it’s abandonware now. Genesis seems to have no link to Alphadia, it’s just Kemco’s title troping. The 3 elemental system that is present in many Kemco games. A standard Exe-Create game but with the diferencial that Genesis has 3D battles. It ends being weird for the fans of both, but Genesis was one of the first of the Kemco games with 3D battles, if not the first.


    The fifth is the Revenant series with both Saga and Dogma. The first is like Legend of Dragoon in many ways with the transformations getting new attacks and not being able to heal while transformed. There’s design influence from Devilman in the common revenants forms and Saint Seiya, the pope and Lilith’s mask from Dogma. RS has few moves, the sequel seems to have more even on base form. But the second is short, but gives gameplay more options in different forms, and healable transformations.


    Then their 3D game series> Just played a bit of Sephirotic before I refunded it to buy something else I don’t remember, but I can’t give a positive or negative opinion on it. It’s usually complained about it’s length, framerate, And other performance issues that weren’t upgraded on consoles/PC. Other series is the Blacksmith/Bar one: I played a bit of Lydie and Suelle, so playing this will be something recognizable to me. There’s their Pocket RPG series I want to play on Steam too, ArcLion and Everdark Tower. They are short but seem fun.


    Their action RPGs, Frane trailer seemed a bit of Ys-like, the dev team already worked on Ys before being part of Kemco. The game was first made before Kemco too, this is a remake we got. Hadjane has Disgaea inspired looks and setting and looks superfun. Djinn Caster has a nice setting but is short as they say. Then the Crystal Series, Crystalreino and Ortha. Quite similar class based games, the difference seems to be the number of characters in the game. Maybe you can put Chronus Arc there too.


    Antiquia Lost and Miden Tower maybe? Odd princesses are the main part of the game in both. I think these are all the Kemco “series” I could find, if there’s an official listing I would be very grateful for them. It’s like Zelda had an official time-line years after all people didn’t know they were related. It’s like the Falcom Dragon Slayer series that become Dragon Slayer Legend of Heroes and then become Legend of Heroes: Trails of different flavours, even action RPGs again. And let’s not even talk about the Megami Tensei series’ many spin-offs. So it doesn’t need to have the same title to be part of the same series. But to share points in common and have the basic gameplay is enough. We have to guess it through. I hope I can help with that mess of a post.

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