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    Looking to pick up one of the Asdivine games sometime in the next few months, so I’m curious what the KEMCO superfans feel are the best ones in that particular lineup?

    Also what makes the Asdivine games unique compared to other games using the same engine / mechanics?

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    In my opinion, the best Asdivine game will be Asdivine Kamura, but I do not advise playing it before the other Asdivine titles. One of its charms are how it connects back to other Asdivine games, and it would be wasted if you skip it.

    Well, the only Asdivine game I would skip is Asdivine Hearts 2 – It seems like a game made because, you know, title sells. Even the mapping looks lazy, unlike its predecessor >__> It is kinda like the black-sheep of Asdivine series.


    Anyway, Asdivine Games are kinda like… Hmm… How could I say… Instant classic?

    Do you know Submachine? It is one of the references in Point and Click games, I cannot think in a point’n’click game without thinking on Submachine. (The submachine is composed by 10 games and was developed for about a decade, maybe a bit more). Asdivine games are like that for mobile RPGs. At least, that is my opinion.
    In other words, I think Asdivine shows pretty well what you should expect from a mobile RPG. (Asdivine Menace was the first mobile RPG game I’ve played and finished, and why I started following Kemco).


    Now, compared to other asdivine-like games (eg. Fernz Gate, Wizards of Brandel, Seek Hearts, etc.)? Eh, it is more “classical” than them. Again, title sells. The fact that the game have “Asdivine” on its title gives it a “classic” standing/feeling. I do not believe Asdivine games have anything really outstanding from other games, but because most of said other games came from Asdivine, they get a bonus for being “classic”.

    It is like, “if the son is this amazing, I wonder how the father is?” – If the Asdivine series were good enough to get great games made out of it, like Fernz Gate and Wizards of Brandel, then it must be good. Probably. The “classic game” effect.

    Those are my 2 cents, though, perhaps (and probably) other people will have a different view on this.


    As Jesuslava mentioned above, Kamura is easily the best in the series but the 1st Asdivine hearts also deserves a mention too. I would buy the 1st Asdivine and play the game in chronological order starting at Hearts>Hearts 2>Dios>Menace>Cross>Kamura.

    I would say that the main selling point of the games is that each and every one has you playing as the sole male in a harem of both humans and gods. The game lets you have multiple endings and allows you to choose who you want to romance. The gameplay  mechanics are about average but fun if you don’t auto every battle.

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