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    I think it’s been a long time since the last top Kemco games post. And a lot of games have been released since, and so I want to know what’s everyone’s favorites right now. I started playing Kemco games not so long ago. So there’s still much I need to play. Anyway here are my top 5:

    1. Asdivine Kamura
    2. Wizards of Brandel
    3. Fairy Elements
    4. Asdivine Dios
    5. Heirs of the Kings

    Top 3 Kemco games(constantly changing)

    1. Asdivine Kamura
    2. Wizards of Brandel
    3. Fairy Elements

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    Emrys Ozmyn

    I’m currently playing The Wizards of Brandel now, so l don’t have an opinion yet. My top 5 so far (not in order)

    Dragon Sinker

    Monster Viator

    Asdivine Dios

    Bonds of the Skies

    Monochrome Order

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    And these are my second top 5

    Revenant Dogma

    Illusion of L’Phalcia

    Legend of the Tetrarchs

    Sephirothic Stories

    Alvastia Chronicles

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    Oh, it is that time of the year again, ladies and gentleman!

    I played a lot of Kemco games (not to completion but then… I rarely do). From my list, though, only top 5 changed, in a tough dispute.

    Running for it was Monochrome Order, Fernz Gate, Tears Revolude and Wizards of Brandel. All of these are great titles; But Tears Revolude simplicity allured me more. So it took top 5 against very strong titles from Exe-Create and HitPoint, which confirms my favorite Kemco developer is WWS as stated on my profile. It was a tough dispute.

    5. Tears Revolude
    4. Asdivine Menace
    3. Asdivine Dios
    2. Silver Nornir
    1. Fortuna Magus

    PS. Fortuna Magus won from Silver Nornir by its sheer simplicity.

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    2015 Contest

    2016 Contest

    2017 Contest (Games not released in 2017 did not count)

    2020 Contest (this!)

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    My favorite ones so far are:

    1. Asdivine Cross — Neat story; Lucile’s ability to learn monster skills is also very cool and fun.
    2. Symphony of the Origin — Another good story and the battle mechanics are pretty fun.
    3. Band of Monsters — I really like the characters in this one.

    I’ve only listed three as I’ve only played about eight or so of Kemco’s games.

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