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    As the title says, I’ve just finished playing through almost all of Hit-Point’s offerings.  Which dev should I focus on next?


    I’m gonna miss Panchos, I think…


    Good luck with EXE-CREATE! 😉


    *sobbing* I miss World Wide Software… :p


    (But as Nemomon said, nowhere to run; Kemco is living mostly on Exe-Create and Hitpoint games…)


    I actually quite liked some WWS games like Symphony series, Link of Hearts or Fortuna Magus, so surely looking at their games is also a good way to go. Especially, cnsidering that they do not make games anymore, so their library is closed and finished now.


    I guess Exe-Create it is, then.  I started Fernz Gate yesterday; I’d had it installed for a while, I just wanted to finish playing through the one catalog before starting the next.

    It’s a little embarrassing, but I never actually made the connection that panchos were bread monsters until I read their description in Band of Monsters, which was one of the last Hit-Point titles I played.  I always thought they were mushrooms…


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    Panchos are the best. 😎

    All your base are

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    Have fun with Exe-Create! I plan to replay Fernz Gate sometime as it’s one my favorite games.


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