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    Alphadia IV or アルファディア4 is the fourth installment set in a star/world(another world) called Valhalard created by its god of creation, Null Tauzent/Nur Tauzend. Every living thing on this planet is bound to Energi, a vital life force. A story about Energi.

    The world exists with six different races.

    The Human tribe of Kingdom/Country of Alexand/(er). (Reiphar/Leifer Leonard, Torte Maplesugar)

    The Dragon tribe of Urd Country. (Sigurd Caliburn)

    The Natalya/Natalia/Neko/Cat tribe of the Neutral Country of Natalya. (Titanya Alphleya)

    And the Winged ones of the Kingdom of Cresteria. (Enaria Muntant, Sky T. Redeyes)

    (Each tribe has its own unique culture.)


    The king of Cresteria once wished to Null Tauzent/Nur Tauzend and was given Divine power. But as time passed on, the king of Cresteria changed and get obsessed with ambition and tried to seize the god of creation’s divine power. The king and the god clashes, however, the king become so strong that the God of Creation was defeated by its creation.

    Defeated, Null Tauzent used his remaining strength to divide his power into six energi crystals and spread them all over the world to be not used on the evil hands of the corrupted King.

    In the aftermath of their confrontation, the King of Cresteria ordered his men to go in search of the crystals.

    At the same time, the crystals flew to three countries and were seen by different tribes.

    To find out the secrets of the huge amount of Energi of the Crystals, the King of Alexand/(er), ordered one of his Knight Captains, Reiphar/Leifer, to search for one of the crystals that flew near their country with the help of his childhood friend, who is also a court magician of the country, Torte.


    Not they know that this will change their very fate and the world itself.


    (More information is coming soon, please save)

    There is no victors nor losers in war.. only casualties it left…

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