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    How to get marked in save files and what does it mean by newgame+ ,I’m new here so it’s hard for me please can anybody tell me? and what about the progress in newgame+ is the progress become lost and how to open bonus content like it’s showing in the marked files.


    Many Exe Create games, including most of the Asdivine games, feature a normal ending (route) and a true ending (route); sometimes there are different normal and true endings dependent on relation stats with your party members or other conditions. Usually, first you play until you reach the normal ending, and then you save the game when the game prompts you to do so – this save file is usually marked with some sort of symbol (e.g. a star). Afterwards, return to the title screen. By loading the normal ending save file, you can continue your playthrough on the true ending route.

    It works the same in Asdivine Cross, the only exception being that Asdivine Cross (i.e. its true ending) requires a complete second playthrough from the beginning (on the normal ending save file).

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