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Kemco Chat 98 Topics 681 Posts

General chat about Kemco games, that's not specific to in-game help.

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Chocoarts 10 Topics 51 Posts

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Sub forums
Exe Create 841 Topics 6,893 Posts

Also includes games solely by Exe Create.

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Hit Point 211 Topics 1,240 Posts

aka "Panchos"

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Magitec 50 Topics 287 Posts

Recommended game: Chrome Wolf (Some of the others are good too, but this one... oh mama...)

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Rideon 52 Topics 273 Posts

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World Wide Software 117 Topics 674 Posts

A mixed bag. Some games are good, some games are bad, but the Symphony titles are probably their best.

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Kemco Exclusive 16 Topics 46 Posts

For games made solely by Kemco.

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Non-English Kemco Games 21 Topics 197 Posts

This category is for discussing Kemco games that have not been translated into English.

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Game Length 79 Topics 220 Posts

For sharing overall play time (Normal End, True End, and Bonus Material)

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