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    How to Defeat Botis (on Easy difficulty)
    This dragon is plenty tough, but he doesn’t unleash his most powerful attack until turn 10. He has 37500 HP on easy, and 75000 on Normal, and he fully heals himself every turn. The good news: you can beat him. The better news: you can repeatedly steal zeradonal ore without any serious consequences. In order to steal, set Yuinika’s style to “Thief” and steal, then click auto and let Botis kill you at turn 10. Big deal, the game doesn’t end, and you don’t even need to heal. Just go back and repeat as often as you like.
    To defeat him is another matter all together.

    Challenge Botis
    What follows is how to hit him hard enough in a single turn to defeat him on easy. You need a high level (at least 70), the higher the better, and some preparation. Use your attack accessories on Yuinika, set Raud’s mode to Overload, equip Dragon Bane on Reiya, and plan a 4 move approach. The key is to get a little lucky and have Yuinika get a critical during her big hit. In the same turn Raud needs his big hit, and Reiya can put you over the top with her best, although quite weak, chained Mastered Art. There are probably a few different particular skills that can be used to achieve the same result, but here is what I did.
    Turn 1: Reiya: Defend or heal
    Raud: Armor Breaker
    Yuinika: Fighter’s Battle Roar
    Turn 2: Reiya: repeat turn 1
    Raud: Defend
    Yuinika: Giant’s Vicious Power
    Turn 3: Reiya: repeat turn 1
    Raud: Charge
    Yuinika: will skip, because Vicious Power takes time to activate
    Turn 4: Reiya: your most powerful Mastered Art, but it MUST activate this turn (use Swiftness)
    Raud: Vilsugia Pulse
    Yuinika: Giant’s Ruinswrath

    If Yuinika hits the critical, you probably will defeat the dragon. You still have a few turns to succeed, so you can heal and just slash away. Don’t despair if it doesn’t work, just click auto, get defeated, heal, and try again until you succeed. Of course once have the Soul of Vakis Grojis, which gives you 100% criticals, this battle becomes simple.

    Tactics on Normal
    Defeat Botis on Normal
    Well, yes, you can modify the “easy” strategy IF you are high level AND you are in replay mode with “Dragon Blaze” available. Even better, if you have multiple “Soul of Vakis Gojis” accessories, you can almost always hit for more than the 75000 necessary to defeat the dragon. Everything is almost the same as on “easy,” EXCEPT you replace Ruinswrath with Dragon style spell “Dragon Blaze.” You must make sure to armor break, and synch everything. This is a 5 turn tactic, as Dragon Blaze takes a turn to activate. So adjust the “easy” turn 4 to have Raud “Charge” and Reiya perhaps give some spirit potion to Yuinika if necessary. Yuinika will hit a massive critical with Dragon Blaze (over 60,000).

    Tactics on Hard
    Hard requires that you have “Soul of Vakis Gojis” on everybody and then a few small changes from the tactics described above. In fact, you can probably adapt some of these steps here to the “easy” and “normal” tactics.

    Make sure you have Dragon Bane equipped on Reiya. This is a 5 turn tactic. Just about the same as “easy”, but instead of Battle Roar on turn 1, use Skeleton’s “Weapon Enhance.” Turn 2 change style to Giant and cast “Vicious Power.” Yuinika skips Turn 3 because of vicious power lag. Turn 4 change style to Dragon and cast “Dragon Blaze.” Make sure Reiya and Raud are ready to go on turn 5 (which means Raud casts “Charge” on turn 3-4). Reiya may feed spirit potion to Yuinika as needed. You will crush Botis on turn 5.

    Older, but not wiser

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    Nice Oldtymer! Keep up the good work!

    MSG Commander

    I especially liked this part:

    In order to steal, set Yuinika’s style to “Thief” and steal, then click auto and let Botis kill you at turn 10. Big deal, the game doesn’t end, and you don’t even need to heal. Just go back and repeat as often as you like.

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    In a earth-shaking upset, the infernal dragon Botis was defeated in a “Hard” match by 1oldtymer. How did it happen? “Well, after Botis had destroyed me several times, he started to laugh when I showed up in a wheelchair and iv’s in both arms. He just stood around as Reiya sharpened her Dragon Bane, Raud charged up, and Yuinika enhanced everybody’s weapons, cast Vicious Power, and then blasted Botis with Dragon Blaze.”

    Botis issued a statement claiming that 1oldtymer had the team on performance enhancing drugs and that the decision should be overturned. He showed the drug enforcers a basket of empty bottles of “Magic Power Miracle Potion” that he claimed were used by 1oldtymer. When questioned by the authorities, 1oldtymer quoted a famous song, “When you lose your money, learn to lose.”

    Older, but not wiser

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    MSG Commander

    Awesome job! I love reading your posts… I think you could have had a career in sports broadcasting! 🙂

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    BOTIS OBLITERATION!! Huzzah! Huzzah! Who da boss? Not Botis. Who da BOSS?


    He’s the king of whoop-um-tush!

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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    I must really suck. I cannot get the “hard” strategy to work. I farmed magic potions until I can’t farm any more…seriously…Yuinika’s magic power is maxed out at 999. Her magic attack strength with style as Dragon = 1401. She’s not hitting anywhere near 75,000. If I’m lucky, she hits in the mid to high 30,000s. I’ve been following the strategy to a tee. I’ve even tried equipping 2 Vakis Grojis accessories, but no joy. So, 1oldtymer, what could I be doing wrong? Yuinika is level 99 and in dragon her stats are:

    HP: 3322
    MP: 388
    Strength: 652
    Magic Power: 999
    Life Strength: 639
    Spirit Strength: 675
    Physical Attack Strength: 838
    Magic Attack Strength: 1401
    Physical Protective Ability: 766
    Magic Protective Ability: 810
    Critical Rate: 100%
    Parry Rate: 8%
    Speed Adjustment: +6

    Oh, and I have never been able to survive Botis’s ‘Disappear’ attack …the one he hits with when he finally hits. It completely annihilates my party, doing a minimum of 5-digit damage. Even if I buffed HP to 9999, it wouldn’t help.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Finally. Thanks to 1oldtymer for all the help! I think it’s a craps shoot, though. I followed his PM advice and after Armor Breaker, used Charge on each of Raud’s turns leading up to Visulgia Pulse. Yuinika never did anywhere near 75000 damage, but Reiya took up the slack, hitting for about 7000 x 8 with skill Swiftness+Fighting Spirit+Almighty Slash. So…

    Botis Be Bashed!

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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