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    I’m trying to get a complete table of Arts for Reiya and I’m missing items 179 and 189 from the item list (a book or grimoire). If anybody has them and has info on their arts, I’d appreciate the info in order to complete the table to post in the walkthrough area.

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    I am missing 179 (will be doing a replay soon) but 189 is “Insight Writings”. Unfortunately I do not remember where I found it at the moment.

    Usage: 3
    Speed: 22
    Range: Self
    An art following this will not miss, and the critical rate will rise.

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    With your hint I did find #189 in the Peacefully Sleeping Ruins. So far I still can’t find #179.

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    I have no idea where it came from, but #179 is Comet Grimoire.

    Comet Grimoire
    Spell: Comet
    Element: Physical
    Power: 58×4
    Randomly attacks enemies four times.

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    You find the comet Grimoire in the final dungeon.

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    That’s what I get for not looking at the mini-map!

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