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    Please note this will work for your Main Character unit only. Some things might be different cause this is for the PC Version but a lot should carry over to the other versions
    Weapons: 1h Sword, 2h Sword, Axe, Spears
    Armors: All
    Recommended Gear: Viriogran, Vadarion, Mysterious Amulet, Restore Ring
    Recommended Abilities: Critical Hp Restore, Preemptive Hp Restore, +10% Critical
    Recommended Final Class: Guardian (Meditation – +20sp when waiting, Auto Defend – Reduces dmg by 25% when you take more then 20% of your Max health, Serenity – Boosts Acc, Eva, and Crit when Sp is above 70)
    Short Report: High Survival-ability, No Aoe, No Ranged

    Long Report: While lacking in ranged and aoe skills this class has a very high survive-ability hosting an array of self buffs and nice healing abilities. Gaining the ability to knock back from two different skills and lower the enemies defense it stands as a warrior straight forward and powerful. Giving you several Options for the class for weapons I personally recommend the Axe. while it lacks in accuracy it makes up with power and crit. Thanks to the mastered guardian class you will gain all its skills active with the recommended abilities allowing once you get your sp up for higher eva, crit, and acc. This will offset any accuracy loss it comes with. And thus between the every turn heal and your crit heals you shouldn’s have to worry about hp. When it comes to accessories the mysterious amulet is the way to go. Combing all the benefits of the guardian amulet which prevents stat reduction and the holy amulet which prevents status effects and instant death. This is a must no matter what class you play. Other slot is really left open to what you like. I personally love survival-ability so a restore ring for another 5% max hp regen on my turn giving me a total of 13% every turn start.
    Weapons: Dagger, 1h Sword, Bow, and Claw
    Armor: Light and Medium
    Recommended Gear: Sword of Sealing, Guldfaxia, Death Talisman, Mysterious Amulet
    Recommended Abilities: Mobility +2, Range +2, Vigilance – +15% Evasion on enemies turn
    Recommended Final Class: Trickster (Distrubance – Reduces Accuracy of adjacent enemies, +15% Evasion, Post move Sp Boost – +5 Sp when you move)
    Short Report: Very Mobile. Great Distance for attacking, High Evasion, Lacks aoes

    Long Report: Specialized in Ranged and Movement when give a dagger with ranged and the mobility and ranged skills can reach max distances as a trickster of 11 mobility with an attack range of 1-5 and a skill range of 1-10. Allowing for far sniping in most situations. Heavily relying on evasion can hit up to a max of 35% evasion on his turn and 50% evasion on his enemies turn. This does not include accessory choices. With the gain of their mirage skill if kept active can add additional 25% Evasion for 3 turns.
    On Another note Rover heavily lacks aoe skills only getting a small straight line one once their SP has reached 100%. They do get a ranged and melee death skill which can be quite useful against powered up trash mobs. But even without the help of an aoe you will be countering basically everyone at all ranges. Plus having a high natural Crit then adding in a Death Talisman for 15% more crit is always nice for heavy damage with the rover.
    Weapons: Staff
    Armor: Light and Medium, Light Shields
    Recommended Gear: Skirnir Staff, Guldfaxia, Mysterious Amulet, Mana Ring
    Recommended Abilites: +5 Mp Regen, Wisdom – When Sp is above 70 reduce mp cost by 20%, Rebirth – Revive once with 25% hp once per battle
    Recommended Final Class: Brave Priest (+50 Max Hp, +10% Atk, Sp Growth up – Sp Rises more quickly)
    Short Report: Aoe Right Away, Lots of Healing, Reviving ability very Early, Lacks attack power

    Long Report: Getting the ability to Heal and Revive right away is always useful in but the Cleric goes forth and as long as they don’t move that turn they can cast Saintly Light which is a very nice Aoe to get early on. Through like all Clerics they don’t get much in attack skills and a lot in support which is both pro and con. Your only other attack spell comes way later on called Holy Ray. It’s got decent distance and a little more powerful then Saintly Light but its a single target spell. But what you can count on is the large array of buffs, healing, and revives. While they do decent with the staff they wont be a heavy hitter unless you are against undead.
    While lacking in abilities to choose from and having a duplicate ability in their class tree +50 Max Hp. They dont get as much as Rover and Warrior do. But what they do get is quite powerful I personally believe for them.
    Weapons: Staff and Dagger
    Armor: Light
    Recommended Gear: Sword of Sealing, Harmonia Clothes, Mysterious Amulet, Mana Ring
    Recommended Abilities: Exploit Weakness – +20% dmg when hitting weakness, Range +2, Mp Cost Down – Mp cost reduced by 20%
    Recommended Final Class: Rune Master (+5 Mp Regen, Advance – Allows all skills to be used rather you’ve moved or not)
    Short Report: Lots of Aoes, Wide Variety of Spells, Summon Elemental Fighters, Lack abilities, Lack physical power

    Long Report: While Lacking in physical abilities the mage as usual makes up with it in magical summoning an array of spells. Able to summon elemental fighters to assist and the mage gets the exp and cp gained from the summoned allies. While a Staff would be better for Mp regen the sword of Sealing plus tthe +2 range gives it the distance of the rovers default attack that you would have being able to hit targets 5 away. While as a mage this may not seem like the best of ideas its the sword of Sealing secondary effect that we are after. Seal locks the ability of a unit to use it’s Abilities and spells for a while. Forcing them only to default attack and this is what we are after locking away their powerful skills after they attack us. If you don’t like that factor since not everyone can be sealed the Skinir Staff giving +5 Mp Regen would be the way to go for you guys then.
    Added Note: While Summons aren’t very strong they make good meat shields and can attack, counter, and even use spells allowing you to slowly dwindle away your enemies health. Lasting till they death, you beat the battle, or about 10 rounds pass from summon, you can even have multiple out at once. Also one good option if you dont want to worry about figuring out weaknesses just take +10% Attack Ability instead.

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