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    I really miss you guys to!
    I had for the last year some health, motivation, work, net time communication [let’s call it] issues [/crybaby mode off] 😛

    And the most sad thing that I kinda lost interest in a small RPG games 🙁

    As I remember, It started with Antiquia Lost (the first (and the last) game I decided not worth a minute of playing). And then there was the final nail from Ashdivine Hearts 2 (that was more Antiquia Lost than Ashdivine H1, imho 🙁 ).

    But I’ll give you my word that I’ll support those old games, that I hope, we all have fun playing together and discuss quirky things about them 😉 .
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    Hah, now I’m a little oldy to. ))

    “Pf, Damn kids these days” – Walter (Trails in the Sky)


    …And Rylocke‘s right!

    You need to hire 3 other online heroes and max’em up.

    My hired online heroes was max lvl with all max classes. But the achievment triggered only after the battle with all these 3 new heroes included (remember that they were already at max).

    Skill Master: Learn every skill; 20 LIP.

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