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    Been trying to hit 50,000+ damage for the #80 quest… Is there a good way to do this? I’ve seen at max ~32,000 so far with Sylvia (not a critical hit, but wondering if it was, could it break the 50,000 damage)…

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!



    EDIT: never mind, finally got it, buffing up Sylvia with max attack and using the break skill, complementing with Eileen for freezing effect and Chloe’s attack boost skill. But boy did it take forever for that freezing state to kick in properly… Took me 4-5 tries, and finding a boss to do it on is no walk in the park… Luckily managed to pull off this quest, along with the final boss quest #100 Apocalypse!

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    Congrats on completing quest #80!.  My technique is almost the same as yours (Eileen uses ice-point), but I used Lloyd for my big hit (his Sentence Arrow at 180  power and almost certain to be critical) after Chloe uses Battle Song to up the critical rate.

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    Mine was Len with Strongman and Limit Exceed Carminas, Cloe, Siegfried and Asagi near the Porto (starting enemies). Len was the attacking one using the Final Calamity attack. To get enough SP, Siegfried was using Soul Divide on him. Cloe was using Battle Song and Asagi Landslide. I got almost 73k damage hit with that.

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    J. D. Guy

    I used the 10th party member to do 71,000-ish points of damage against the Light Golems that wander Tuloose. Built up their SP and prepped with Crt Rate and Atk boosting Enhancements, and maybe a Def and Freeze debuff from Wien. 10th’s final Skill is powerful, especially when it gets a Critical Hit. 10th had high Crt Power, which magnifies Critical Hits.


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