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    Hello! So I managed to make it up to Jess and defeated their first form, but the second form just annihilates my party. I know I’m under-leveled at 50-ish but I’ve managed to kind of scum my way through every boss fight using Lloyd’s Provoke skill and chipping away with Seigfried’s poison+curse DoTs. But 2nd Form Jess doesn’t play nice with DoTs and he’s just wrecking me before I can dish out much damage.

    Long story short, I’m in need of a good grinding spot to gain… maybe 15-ish levels? Since there are no random encounters in the final area (and the high level area before it, the protection towers, goes boom and can’t be revisited), where should I go? I can’t find a spot that offers more than 9k per battle.

    UPDATE: I ended up defeating the boss using a pretty cheesy strategy. I used Mizari as an SP battery every turn and gave her enough AGI to ensure her turn came before Jess’s. I did the same for Chloe and used her SP for the invincibility spell. It basically made the entire party invincible every single turn, using Lloyd and Eileen to attack.

    I found the strategy in this video (

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