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    Find Ishbel and bring him to the scar….so i went to japanese area….found ishbel and samurai guy…took em both in party, went back to scar….nothing….go out and put ishbel in party….go in scar….nothing….go back out, put ishbel in the lead…..go back in scar…nothing..

    what am i doing wrong?? been stuck on this for past week and i’d very much like to progress…



    This thread should help:

    But basically, you need to go to the Silent Forest and talk to the Spirit of Time to restore the sword. Before doing so though, talk to the boy and girl at the entrance of Kyo. Note the directions in the song to get through the puzzle part…I think it was east, west, west, north…maybe? but check for yourself.

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    I think it was “west, east, east, get the chest, west, than north.” You’ll know you’re going the right way because it’ll turn evening and then turn nighttime.

    And yeah, that part of the game was confusing, because the direction given isn’t succinctly accurate, and you have to figure out the details largely on your own that you need to go back to the Silent Forest. Once you enter it, even by chance, you’ll understand the need to keep going. But otherwise, you are expected to note those people in front of the village by the entrance, who aren’t normally there, and are meant to interact with them to see what they have to say. The game doesn’t explicitly tell you to enter the Silent Forest beyond this casual and optional (and temporary, ’cause they leave from the entrance once you’re done in the heart of the Silent Forest) NPC villager interaction.

    Honestly, as much I like this game, I could tell that not everyone got the same narrative focus. Len remains relevant throughout, but when we don’t get to see the dreams of the non-Len, non-winged Firmament dwellers, I got a certain feeling, and was kind of disappointed. I’d have loved that much character focus given to the other party member during that point. And the post-game is such that you don’t even need to re-recruit everybody. It’s telling when most of them don’t have any lines for the post-game events sans when you speak to them to re-recruit them.

    Still enjoyed and had fun with this game. Hope they’ll port Justice Chronicles to the Switch so I can start that one over again and mayhaps finish it this time. I like those subset of Kemco games.


    It is east, back to the center, then west. You should see a northern path. Follow it and soon you should trigger a “Wien vision” where you see the Spirit of time in a lone centered tree.

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