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    Lord Vermithrax

    Hello all. Just created this account. I’ve read the threads to find an answer to what I’m about to ask. That is, I can use some tips on how to battle the Knight of Ruin. I’ve defeated Falak several times but Ruin is the only one I haven’t been able to figure out. I had him on the ropes once, down to around 500 HP left but he took several uninterrupted turns in a row in taking out every single member of my party.

    I’ve been grinding for experience in Falak’s Clawmark and Demon’s Fang, have all the equipment in the game and have tried two systems of tactics. One (I’ll call Alpha) is where I loosely surround Ruin with the heavy hitters and place Namie and Estelle at their healing range limits behind them. I’m keeping the heavy hitters at about 5 to 7 blocks apart as Ruin moves around, but he’s tougher to beat as I’m currently experiencing in another RPG.

    My other tactic (I’ll call Beta) is similar to the other one except that I try to box him in on all sides in the theory that he’ll tend to use physical attacks against the characters with high defense and HP. I want to try it a few more times to see if it can be as successful as the Alpha tactic because that one was where I nearly defeated Ruin.

    As an experienced RPGer, I know that you improve your chances of success by raising the levels of your characters and I’m doing that, yet I can use a little insight. Thanks in advance.

    I’m probably not the first to discover this, nor do I suggest it’s the only way to beat him, but I’ll put it here for posterity. What follows isn’t so much as a planned strategy, but more like a recount of survival.

    I used Leck LV 51 – Evie LV 53 – Tetolla LV 53 – Kane LV 53 – Melissa LV 54 – Rudy LV 48 – Namie LV 52 – Mith LV 51. My goal was to establish a defensive position in the left corner of the battle grid. That proved to be for naught as the Knight of Ruin again did away with the entire party except for Leck. I kept using Wonder Medicine to keep Leck going and picked my spots with Revival Potion – usually on Kane. As the battle wore on, I was mindful not to physically attack Ruin as doing so restored his SP. I adopted a strategy of keeping Tetolla alive because her Plasma spell did damage without restoring SP for Ruin to use against the Party.

    At this point, my goal was to revive party members and restore them to full HP as I scattered them away from Ruin, but, the plan was to make him use all his SP. Once accomplished, I wanted to use Leck and Kane to accompany Tetolla and Namie to use and sustain Tetolla as the sole attacker (yes, I regretted not bringing Rogwalk along). Now, that wasn’t easy either, but it proved to be easier to keep more members alive with an SP-less Ruin.

    The battle cost a lot of Wonder Medicine, Revival Potion, Water of Blessing, Holy Water and the precious Miracle Water that I had amassed to keep up with Ruin. I was getting my shots in on him until Tetolla’s Plasma spell began missing turn after turn. He was down to about 3,500 HP remaining and I had to put the game down to figure out what I could do (well, life’s responsibilities had more to do with that, but I digress).

    I decided it was time to use physical attacks in the thought that if the party is wiped out, I could restore the game with all the items intact, plus I could stock up on more of them. Then, Ruin suddenly stopped attacking at all. He was back in the starting position and by that time I had the party split between the rearmost area of the battle grid and Leck, Kane, Tetolla in the lower left corner to take every possible opportunity to restore HP and SP.

    To keep an already long story from becoming longer, I was able to wear him down with physical attacks (Plasma was still useless) because even though physical attacks replenished his SP, he was unable to cast devastating spells consecutively like he does at the beginning of battle. Instead of wiping out 4 or 5 party members at a time, he was taking out just 1 or 2. That made for a more level playing field and I attacked without mercy until defeating the mighty Knight of Ruin.

    NOTE: I changed a few sentences to be more informative.

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    Wow! I’m impressed by your patience and tenacity. I don’t play SRPGs mainly because I lack patience and tenacity, and well, brains. Ixtonia and Legna Tactica are 2 of the Kemco games I don’t have (refunded, lol). Anywho…you deserve some kind of award for beating this critter! Congrats!

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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    Lord Vermithrax

    Thank you. But I think it had more to do with luck. I remember having difficulty beating Zoma in Dragon Warrior III in my first RPG experience (c 1992). However, all these years later, the Knight of Ruin made me feel even more like a rookie.

    MSG Commander

    Hey Lord Vermithrax, glad you were able to solve this one. Unfortunately I also skipped Legna Tactica, so I can’t offer any suggestions on your other post re: the Miracle Amulet and proficiency points. Sometimes it’ll take awhile for the right person to see a post like that, though, so hopefully someone will come along soon with the right information.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum!

    All your base are

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    Lord Vermithrax

    Thank you, MSG Commander. Glad to be aboard. I expect someone, someday will have an answer.


    Hi, new guy here, sorry for necro-ing this dead topic, but I also managed to defeat the Knight of Ruin. And I have what I hope can be considered a tactic.


    The characters I chose were Leck, Estelle, Evie, Kane, Tetolla, Austin, Rogwalk, and Namie. All of them were level 55 except Namie who was 2 levels lower.


    What I did was scatter the group in approach once it is your turn. While his strongest move is extremely widespread (a whopping 7×7, equal to Melissa’s Random Shooting, Rudy’s Death Song and Rogwalk’s Ragnarok), he has a exploitable habit of centering it to a character. Done correctly, he could only off/disable 3-4 of your units, which is tolerable as long as Namie, Austin, and Estelle is NOT one of them. However, it has a high chance of Trance and Darkness, so have Namie use Medical if necessary. Reviving is A HUGE MUST because I realized he gets more turns the less units remaining. (Seriously, I shaved him down to 3000hp with only Leck remaining only to spam Death something and reset on him. He did not stand a chance.)


    Draining his SP is not a bad idea; just be warned he could still attack range with Wave of Darkness, but all in all you could avoid his more dangerous skills.

    For an offensive front, Austin’s Steel Bullet and Estelle’s Magic Break isĀ  perfect against this dude. Steel Bullet will literally shred him thousands of his HP on one shot and Magic Break will make all of the Knight’s moves much more survivable. His melee is strong but inferior to a Leck with full Vishrom gear or a Kane. Or basically any character who is not a mage with hp more than 900 hp (or even a parrying Estelle, if your lucky). Just keep spamming attacks once his magic is weakened by magic break and he’ll die soon enough.

    Regarding the inaccuracy issue, Austin’s Charisma somewhat mitigates this.

    Use Evie as a meatshield with her Appeal or Ironwall. She could serve as the reviver, a decoy, or last hope if things get worse. And this is common sense, but keep the hp over 2000 to avoid getting one-shot. I ended up using 5 reviving potions and 5 resurrections with this plan, hope it works with you.


    C'mon, who hasn't stocked in items in RPGs like a madman? I know I do.

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    I just finished the game last night on the 3ds, and thought I would share my experience with the knight of ruin.

    My party was in the upper 40’s, and consisted of Leck , Melissa, Tetolla, Kane, Austin, Estelle, Naime and Yoshua.

    Healing was not very useful aside from reviving fallen party members. Rudy probably would’ve been a better choice than Estelle actually due to his longer item range.

    Yoshua and Kane were my best damage dealers with Last Fang and Grand Hit. Yoshua actually dodged a counterattack after using Last Fang. Austin’s Steel Bullet was helpful early on but at lower hp his damage plummeted to around 200-300.

    Despite Yoshua’s 489 atk, Last Fang was dealing more than Kane’s Grand Hit. I don’t know if anybody has realized it but Last Fang’s damage is not dependent on Yoshua’s current hp. It will deal full damage at 1HP and at any other value.



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