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    Lord Vermithrax

    I finally defeated the Knight of Ruin then proceeded to defeat Falak. I assumed I could redeem the 600 Proficiency Points for encountering all the enemies and completing all requests. Subsequently, I expected the Miracle Amulet to be available but to no avail. Is there something I should have done?


    Sorry for this slow-poke response.

    Knight gives 300 PP.

    For achieving Info/Request Master (all encounters/all request) you’d receive Energy/Mystery Earrings.

    Miracle Amulet is awarded for “All Titles” achievement, and as I remember it can’t be beat in one playthrough 🙁  (I’m not 100% sure, but it’s possible that 3! playthrough needed).


    Some info of my saves that may be helpfull:

    2nd or 3rd play – 43:21; “All Titles” progress 34!/31 (Yep, numbers are right, and there’s no completion!)

    2nd or 3rd play – 48:31; “All Titles” progress 42/31 (completed!)


    P.S. How I love this game!

    I don’t remember any other games with actual time info & mobile battery info.

    Never loose a serious battle due to power off & go to sleep in appropriate time is awesome! :mrgreen:

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