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    Key people in ending variations are Astar, Miana & Tetolla.

    Tetolla – died
    Astar – does not matter
    Miana – does not matter
    -> Ending No. 4 – A Sad End.

    Tetolla – lives
    Astar – died
    Miana – died
    -> Ending No. 1 – Peace Regained.

    Tetolla – lives
    Astar – lives (died & resurrected)
    Miana – died
    -> Ending No. 2 – A Best Friend, of on a Journey.

    Tetolla – lives
    Astar – lives (died & resurrected)
    Miana – lives (died & resurrected)
    -> Ending No. 3 – The Miracle of the Dragon of Light.

    So, I’ll try brief guide how to achive all endings in one playthrough (actually “in 1.5 playthrough” – you’ll need to save after about 2/3 game completion & then return to that save).

    Major steps:

    Story #5 – An Errand
    Do you want to help the young girl?
    [X] Help her.
    Option “Rush on ahead” will lead to Tetolla death no matter of your further choices.

    Story #12 – An Omen
    [X] I’m gonna trust Astar.
    Option “I’m not gonna trust Astar” will lead to Astar death no matter of your further choices.

    Story #22 – Vishrom’s Protection*
    Do you want to prove your bloodline?
    You’ll need to “prove” for story progression, BUT I recommend (just in case) use option
    “Give it a miss”, then complete some tavern quests or at least win random battle; and only then “Prove the bloodline”.

    Story #26 – An Invasion on Izmoot
    You must make an “untouchable” SAVE here before the dialog option! (From this point we will replay the game for other endings).
    Do you want to use Vishrom’s Fire?
    [X] Use
    Then I recommend just rush to the end (without completing any subquests).
    After Fallak’s death Tetolla will die, you’ll miss the final battles and will receive Endind No. 4.

    …reload your “untouchable” Save.
    [X] Don’t use the Vishrom’s Fire.
    Rush to the end.
    In the last option dialog choose “Kill Astar” (you must have another save before these last battles sequenses).
    After final battle -> Ending No. 1.

    …reload pre-last battles save.
    In the last option dialog choose “Don’t kill Astar”.
    After final battle -> Ending No. 2.

    …reload pre-last battles save.
    Complete all subquests.
    It’s not necessary to comlete all subquests. The major difference between Endings 2 & 3 is death of all “Big Enemies” (especially Knight of Ruin). So, you just need to complete all “Knight of …” quests chain.
    At last dialog option choose “Don’t kill Astar”.
    After final battle -> Ending No. 3.

    Thats all folks! 😛


    SO ENDING 3 IS NOT A MYTH!? :blink:
    FINALLY!! Now i can die in peace!! :silly:

    Seriously i can’t get the that ending from 3 playthroughs. Not going to do another playthrough just to see this ending but now i can move on peacefully to other games ar last and i got you to thank for that. :woohoo:
    Good info mate!

    What an ass...


    It differs from Ending No. 2 a little:

    …Leck, you even deal with all my enemies. You are a true descendant of my bloodline. For that I’ll resurrect most important person for you!
    {Miana resurrected}
    Leck-Gollum: My preeeeeeeeeeeeeecioussssssssssssssss!!!


    well I long since deleted this game so I wont be grinding that ending I was missing, good to know you people figured out how to trigger it tough, Im sure I did all the sub quests on my playtrough tough

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