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    So, my opinion of the freemium version of the game.

    I also did not went far at all, I just finished three heroes shrine.
    As 3beez said, I think the game is mediocre. I’m not saying it is bad, but it is mediocre.


    The story presentation is poorly done; I feel some cool plot twist opportunities might have been wasted.
    It also abuses red highlight waaaaay too much. At some points ingame almost the whole dialog box is red – which imo is harder to read – and nothing in it really matters to gameplay.


    There is an ad every five battles. If it can’t show an ad from the internet, it’ll show you an ad from Kemco. The ads which I saw thus far (mostly Kemco) did not had audio, which is good. So as I said, it is a game with ads; They somehow avoided the ads-with-a-game from Chronus Cross.


    However, the game has no difficulty setting. You even have to finish a couple Monoplets to advance. (In other words, you have to grind). Grinding, in itself, probably would not be that bad… In a premium version.
    In the freemium, grinding equals watching ads. Good for Kemco, but not so good user experience.


    Also, grinding can be defined as a suspended state where you’re doing something repetitive and boring, in hopes that this will bring you more fun later. However, the game seems mediocre. I mean, the Inn “Cutscenes” were a nice addition. The story is cliché, though. The game mechanics are not bad, but they’re not exceptional either.


    If I had a premium version, I would consider doing the grinding. But in the freemium, it really makes me wonder if it is worth the effort.
    After all, an ad breaks the fourth wall (and thus, the immersion). Because ads happen after every five battles, this means you can only get immersed during the story-only scenes, like the prologue.
    However, I think that being immersed in grinding is important, as it could give you a reason to grind.


    Alas, there is no reason to grind, other than the fact that the game is a bit harder if you don’t.
    So, the game is not bad, but it is mediocre, and definitely not worth the asking price of $8.99
    (Also, the premium version won’t give you any currency, so my perception of value is lowered further.)

    So, this is my opinion. It is not a bad game, and RPG addicts might even enjoy it. But I don’t think this particular title is worth my limited time. Sorry, Kemco. Sorry, err, I forgot the name of the protagonist. Not really remarkable, I guess.

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    Agreed. It may be mediocre but its better than having a horrifically bad game.

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