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    I just finished the game with the normal ending. How do you get the others?

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    I have the same question,




    For Rugal Louise and Silke you need max Trust
    an you can choose a ending after the final battle

    For Alranne and Claire’s ending and the happy ending
    i dont know what is to do


    You will need to talk to Claire, Alranne and Lindhelm in Blaze Castle. To find them head straight up after you enter castle go through either door behind the princess in the next area  (keep note of the locked door in this room with 2 stairs either side) go up the stairs in this area you see a door close to go through there all 3 are in that room.


    This can be done after you done normal ending.

    Claire will give you key to a new dungeon under blaze castle remember that locked door with a staircase either side go there to open door to the dungeon and beat the boss there.

    The next dungeon to unlock is Iriss Arena not 100% sure but I think Claire also unlocks the location on map when you talk to her if not her it’s either Lindhelm or Alranne.

    Again beat the boss in Iriss Arena to unlock another dungeon called Zolgeid Forest again beat boss here then walkout fast travel won’t work. You will get a scene with a old man telling you about the last dungeon called Mount Fujimalaya.


    Just like the other 3 dungeon find your way to the top and beat the boss here you will then get a scene where you will be given a heroes crystal I equipped it to one of my characters.

    I don’t think it matters which character has the item on but I put it on Yuran.


    Now go to Dragonlair castle and beat the main boss.

    This part can be a pain the next boss can be hard since he get 1 turn but can gets 2 hits in on your party also he can one hit your characters even if like me you have 9999 health. Also your hip and magic does not get restored so you face to boss one after another.


    bear in mind you will have to beat both these bosses twice to get both achievements. I bought double damage for £4.19 and used around 300 P when he wiped me out. I also used a further 150 P to beat the bosses in the dungeons above so in total I used around 450 P.

    P is the currency you get for winning every 5 battles and is used in the menu shop.


    No doubt someone will have a better way to  beat final main boss but even with double damage on and at level 97 his health barely moved for me.



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    • what do i do if i finish zolgeid forest boss then i went out of the place instantly.. how do i re do it please help me i have OCD in rpg games i need to finish it

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    you can enter again the forest normally. i remember finishing it and coming back to it a lot for the Monplete.

    what is exactly your issue ?

    to unlock a secret dungeon, you need to have all the skills of your character unlocked then talk to appropriate person or go to the new place that appear. as said above, you need to finish the game once to obtain the new dungeon.

    i remember the Ibriss Arena came first, then the other by talking to Claire, Alraunne and Lindhelm

    as far as i remember, the most difficult fight was the Ibriss king in the arena. other were hard but not so hard in the end. it is all a question of level and magic (and unison). once at level 99, even the true last boss is not so hard.

    what helps alot is to have 100% Monplete because you obtain cool items with it. it also play a part to unlock one of the secret dungeons if i remember correctly.


    Android is unique


    i completed the monplete except for the dungeon inside blaze castle and mount fujimalaya

    ill try the one you said to max skills .. my silky is the only one without max skills ill try that if not then ill ask here again

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    I don’t know if it will be of help, but here’s a post I published a while ago on the Liege Dragon forum on Steam:


    Being able to enjoy the Happy Ending requires a bit of effort. You should be able to unlock it by following these steps.

    – In order to fulfill the following conditions, it might be required that you’ve maxed every party member’s trust (100%). Afterwards, make sure to sleep at inns in order to view all 24 special inn scenes. They’re available from certain points on during the story and depending on how high the trust values are, but if you’ve reached the final main storyline dungeon and have all party member’s at 100% trust, then you can view them all at once in succession (that means the ones you haven’t viewed yet). The fastest way to let party members gain trust is to cast “Shield” on them during battles. I even maxed everyone’s trust after the very first dungeon so that I didn’t have to bother with it later.

    – Now, you need to unlock three bonus dungeons. This can be done by talking to Claire, Lindhelm and Alranne at Blaze Castle (as far as I can tell only when the final main storyline dungeon Dragonlair Castle is available).
    — In order for Claire to unlock Ibriss Arena, complete as many Monpletes as possible (refer to the bestiary about them). You’ll receive rewards for doing so and then talking to her, and as a final reward, you gain access to Ibriss Arena.
    — Talk to Lindhelm after completing all sub quests (and receiving all rewards from him) until he lets you explore Blaze Castle (Underground).
    — Talk to Alranne after at least one party member has learned all skills, including all synthesize skills (note: I’m not sure if it’s required that Silky’s the one who has learned all skills). Then you’ll receive the final synthesize spell, and when you talk to her again, she (hopefully) unlocks Zolgeid Forest (if she doesn’t, it might be required that all party members have learned all skills).

    – Complete the aforementioned three bonus dungeons Ibriss Arena, Blaze Castle (Underground) and Zolgeid Forest (order shouldn’t matter). By doing this, you unlock the final bonus dungeon.

    – Finish the final bonus dungeon in order to receive a special accessory.

    – Equip said accessory (it shouldn’t matter who gets to wear it) before fighting the (normally) final boss at Dragonlair Castle. Beware that this time you’ll have to fight two bosses in a row on the Happy Ending route.

    – Choose the option during the ending that wasn’t available before (stay at Blaze).


    The game explicitly states at some point that the inn scenes are related to the Happy Ending (i.e. the endings in general). My guess is that most players who struggle to obtain the Happy Ending haven’t maxed out all party members’ trust and haven’t watched all inn scenes.

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