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    The skill tree is a little unusual, so I’ll try to clarify how it works. I’ll use my own terminology. The good news is that you can reconfigure the skill slots any time (except during battles).

    There are 3 kinds of skills:
    1. Action–takes a turn, consumes MP
    This ES is just like a typical spell.
    2. Passive–always on, does not take a turn, does not consume MP
    This is just like wearing armor or an accessory.
    For example, DEF+10 adds 10 to your defense as long as the skill is in a slot.
    3. Modify–this is the unusual one and is very important. It is passive (so does not consume MP).
    It can add an element to an attack skill, for example.

    Where is my ALL heal, my ALL attack all enemies?
    Ah..the MODIFY type of ES is how you do this. The “Expanded Range” ES extends a skill to either an enemy OR an ally! Do you want to poison all the enemies? Stick an “Expanded Range” in a slot “linked” to a poison ES (that is, a slot in the same group of slots). Do you want to heal all your allies? Stick an “Expanded Range” in a slot “linked” to a heal skill.

    There is one other use for the Modify, but I didn’t try it, so I might not be correct about this. What happens if you put TWO action ES in the same group of linked slots? Apparently there is an unknown probability that if you “use” ES #1, ES#2 can also “fire.” There are “modify” ES that explicitly increase this probability. I don’t like the uncertainty of the arrangement, so I never did this.

    You will discover that you cannot use multiples of exactly the same ES for a character. For example, as much as you might like to put 3 POWER+50 into a skill tree, you cannot do so.

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