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    Here is how I suggest you tackle Bandismor, but really my suggestion applies to any challenging monster. Make your first battle at whatever level you happen to be at, and see what kind of attacks the monster uses to defeat you. Adjust your skills, if that makes sense, add weapons or armor if you think helps, and go another round. If you still lose by so much you don’t see any way ahead, start grinding, but don’t overdo it. Go up a bit and try again. I find the best battles are tight affairs between equals. For example, I did beat Bandismor with just my levels at the end of normal game, but it was a brutal, difficult contest, that leveraged what I had learned from getting fried to a crisp a few times first. Three years later, I made the mistake of grinding to max, and then my battle with Bandismor, although long, was never in doubt, my pulse didn’t quicken, and there was no “thrill of victory,” nor “agony of defeat.”

    Of course against some monsters you will need to be at or close to max, but the same process should put you in position enjoy the struggle.

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    Lols, I just lost to Vivre in the Arctic Volcano for the 3rd time in a row. 👿

    I’m at level 39, which seems reasonable. Each member has a Poison Charm and I use Force Shield quite liberally, also have the highest level skills available (the ones he’s weak against), and end up using a few Fresh Fruit to restore people’s MP when it runs out – and I still lose.

    (This battle is enough to make me want to use words that are not kid-friendly 😆 )

    I’m not sure what I’m missing, unless I just need to be a higher level (or perhaps get some more +50 Power, though I don’t know if Power applies when you’re using “magic” skills – like Briar and Prominence?)

    Anyway thanks for the tip. I’ll try grinding to 41-42 but if I still can’t beat this guy I might just quit. (Sometimes, the battles are TOO challenging…)

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    Good advice, it is an under rated Kemco game like Tears of revolude (I think it is called)….I had the same feeling today when beating the final boss in Blood of Calamity where I was in the low 50s.

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