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    Marenian Tavern Story is part-RPG and part-business simulation, if you know what you’re doing, you can rack  up thousands of gold in profits and be strong enough to take on harder gathering fields and bosses.

    Pointers to remember:

    1. IAPs are optional, unless you want accessories with drop rate up and steal rate up; rare gear can also be gained through trophy rewards. Rare coins are also optional to sell for an early boost in money. Gems are given for every four days you open your tavern and every after 10 battles.
    2. Conserve your budget, only buy what you need and gather the rest from fields.
    3. Never ever splurge for equipment (upgrade when needed), recoup your initial (and subsequent) investments by purchasing more ingredients <– very important in keeping your business afloat and in the black, rinse and repeat as needed until you’re swimming in gold.
    4. Use inexpensive food for level ups (cook them in bulk), I always reserve expensive meals for the tavern and for feeding Coco.
    5. Lastly, know which gathering fields to visit for specific ingredients; forest yields mushrooms and fruits, plains have veggies etc. etc.
    6. Keep an eye on the trophies section of the encyclopedia, you could get rare equips and ingredients that way.

    End note: It’s a fun game you can sink your teeth into, Kemco has outdone themselves this time. Enjoy making money.


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    When using food to “Eat,” take note of the “Dish Eff” (effect) tab on the left of the recipes list when you’re cooking.  Those recipes will increase stats accordingly for your three MCs.  At the start of the game, we’re too poor to make the proper dishes to increase stats, so just eat anything to fill the bellies of the MCs and increase their levels.  Use the more expensive dishes to earn money for items needed in the game. Please note, battles and events do NOT increase the levels of the MCs – only eating food does. (Which makes sense for a cooking game.  Lol.) As you progress in the game and can afford a more nutritious diet for your team, you’ll be able to see during battles the full benefits of eating the right foods.

    Differentiate your selling foods and eating foods so you don’t use them in a way you didn’t intend.  For example, when I cook food to sell, I’ll make a quantity of 11 or 31.  When I cook food to eat, I’ll make quantities of 21 or a number divisible by three. In multiples of three, I can equally share it between the MCs. Create any system you like, but it’s nice to have one. After all, you don’t want to eat a $3000 dish when you’re broke-as-a-joke, or when the main ingredient is too hard to come by or ridiculously out of your price range to purchase and replace.

    You can only use the Skip Cards once per in-game day – meaning after you open the Tavern and sell food.  Then a new day begins. As you gain more cards, start using them to reap ingredients. You can only visit one area per in-game day, and you can only use one Skip Card per in-game day- so make the most of it.  After visiting an area (be it dungeon or another town), you have to return to Cookoro and cook & sell before you can venture out again, which will be the next day of the four-day week. So the Skip Cards are great for giving you more ingredients while you travel to other areas, thus allowing you to gather ingredients from two places each “day.”

    Also, for each new day, your MC’s bellies reset to zero, so you can stuff them all up again to 100% and get them to level-up.  Later, when you have more discretionary income, you can buy the Stomach medicine that empties your bellies.  That way, you can level-up as much as you want each day.

    At some point in the game, a traveling merchant shows up in Cookoro.  He sets up his kiosk once per week halfway between the Tavern and Erica’s store.  You can’t miss it.  For me, it was every Wind Day.  (I don’t know if it’s Wind Day for everyone, but I’m assuming it is.) The merchant will sell really cool & rare items you need for expensive dishes- like Garuda Eggs and Tuna. So be sure to visit him every Wind Day.

    After beating the Dragon for the dwarf village, you’ll be able to buy Dragon Meat and Dragon Eggs from the dwarves.  A very nice investment to improve your portfolio. So make sure you go to the dwarf village at least once per “week.”

    Pay attention to what each of George’s supplies will do.  For example, use “Small Seeds” if you want Wheat. (Wheat cannot be bought.  You have to farm it from fields. Meh.) Use the “Fine Mesh Net” if you want (rare) Trout, or use the “Strong Net” (I think it is) if you want to catch Eel. (Whichever net is marked to use for fish that flop around.) There is also a net that will catch crustaceans so you can occasionally get an uber-ultra-hard-to-find-elusive Emperor Crab. The Emperor Crab makes the finest and most lucrative dishes. Use “Normal Feed” for some Garuda Meat since that feed is used for fowl.  And remember, “Garuda” is chicken and “Auroch” (sp?) is beef.

    When you’re out farming or dungeon crawling, make sure Erica steals from each different type of enemy you encounter. (Erica learns “Steal” very early in the game.  Kinda funny how a store merchant is the one who masters that skill.)  You will learn which enemies are always worth stealing from, because some of them have really great items. And, some of them don’t. It will behoove you to invest the time in battle to figure out who you wanna keep robbing. Be warned, you can only steal once from each enemy during a battle.  And some enemies are poor, as they have “No Items to Steal.” Keep mental notes.

    When trying to figure out Secret Recipes, make it your own event. Do a number of them at a time.  Save the game before doing any experimental cooking.  That way, if you’re fumbling and using up expensive ingredients, you can reload the game after figuring out the recipe.  You’ll restore all your expensive ingredients and know what ingredients to use without errors.  After figuring out a Secret Recipe or two, save the game again.  You won’t lose dishes you’ve created, and you won’t lose valuable ingredients. Dishes with the same name (but a different meat) are made the same way.  You can reference a similar recipe to figure out what ingredients are needed to successfully create a Secret Recipe. Some recipes though, just require sheer luck!

    You have four days in a week to gather ingredients: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. At the end of Earth Day, (days end when you sell food from the Registered list in the Tavern) your Tavern has the opportunity to earn a Gold Star.  After all, who doesn’t want a Five-Star restaurant?? In order to earn a Gold Star, you will need to meet three criteria: meet the threshhold of money earned from food sales, stuff Coco’s belly to 100%, and complete the task/quest at hand.  Don’t panic by trying to do this every week.  It’s ok.  Take your time.  I’ve gone in-game MONTHS and Seasons just cooking & making money, and eating & leveling-up.  It’s like a form of grinding.

    In summary: each day after you open the Tavern to sell food, fill all the bellies of the MCs so they can level-up.  Restock (cook) your basic foods such as breadcrumbs, bacon, etc. Hit up Erica’s store to replenish your staple foods, such as eggs, milk, flour. Leave Cookoro, use a Skip Card, then head to another town to buy rare or exclusive ingredients. Repeat this process until you’ve visited each town/city once per week so that you collect each yummy ingredient needed for money-making dishes. Then you can venture out for the quest at hand.  Every three days, collect your goods from Farmer George, and make sure he has all his necessary supplies to keep your farming area humming. Then on Earth Day, the last day of the week, if you’ve completed the three assigned tasks, your Tavern will earn a Star.  So it’s important to do your foraging and shopping in towns on Fire, Water, and Wind days so you can level the Tavern to earn a Star on Earth Day.  (You can forage, shop, and cook on Earth Day, too- just like any other day.  But when you finish selling food from the Tavern on Earth Day, the week ends and a new one begins.)  Or, you can endlessly forage and shop for ingredients every (in-game) day for weeks, months, or even years, and just happily cook til you drop.  Then complete the tasks whenever you want to get around to them.  No hurry.  It’s casual.  Take your time and enjoy the aromas.


    Bon appetit!


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    Yum, yum. I’m now at the dragon part myself, can’t wait to beat it.



    For information to have 100% all monster list u need to steal all monsters and bosses, collect all drop if not u can’t get conqueror ring in reward and of course all equipment reward too u can’t compete it. Just reminding always use Erika whenever u are out to dungeon.

    Erika has good pasif skill when u farming ingredients, gathering , and buff ur item dmg.

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