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    Rina Cascade

    Somebody knows how to trigger this subquest? I think the last mushroom mob in the nivea forest is somewhat connected to Dante’s subquest… Thanks in advance.


    I don’t remember exactly how I got this one, u need to made black coffee and i forgotten which one, after it will triggering the event.

    Next Dante substory after it. make sure u always visit every town after rank ur tavern for triggering several substory.

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    I wondered about this one, too.  When you talk to Dante throughout the game, he also says to let him try new recipes that Patty creates.  I made all the coffee drinks (or at least I figured I did) and then I talked to him again.  Nothing changed in what he said.  But I’m wondering if there’s a certain creation we need to give him – like a coffee parfait, maybe?  (I haven’t tried anything else with him yet after the coffee drinks.) After receiving the first black coffee drink, Dante mentioned something about not liking coffee.  Did he mention something else he liked? I don’t remember. Anything like that sound familiar, Luther?


    As a side note, don’t forget to go upstairs in the Tavern and speak with Elias.  He gives a quest or two.

    I also noticed that Bellatina, Stella, and Varl go upstairs when they’re not downstairs in the Tavern. They haven’t given me any quests, but Varl tells Patty to go shopping in the city.  Nothing happened when I went and spoke to the people there.  Are there supposed to be any quests from them?



    From what I can remember Dante only tried once, but I don’t remember others, and for Stella sub quest her will be in casanovi when triggering man in casanovi wandering something.

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    I just tried it and all you have to do is create regular coffee which triggers a cutscene 🙂


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