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    Little Moon

    Please help! Last night I just purchased this game, until now I still enjoy playing this. But I have been wondering why my tavern’s rank has not been leveled up until now. My tavern is still in level 1, although I have played for 7 hours (summer 4/5 week). I don’t have a coco menu too, so I cannot feed him.


    For coco to have menu like feed him and reward after feed him need progress to main story. Need to be main story number 013 straving god of poverty but before it need complete no 11 and no 12 story mode. u can see attachment below.

    And last to upgrade ur tavern need to feed coco to max 100% and collect some money. Remember level up tavern only can be done each earthday even u already made coco 100% and collect all money.

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    Little Moon

    Woww! Thank you so much, I thought there is a problem with the game

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    Help me please! I played the game just this evening and I’m currently stuck at the same point. I have fed Coco (stew dishes, and when I try to feed him again he says that he’s still full.. means that this one is completed, right?), I have reached the required amount of money (I remember seeing it being checklisted when I finished opening the store), and lastly I’m currently on Earth day but why my tavern level is still lvl1? Can someone explain this to me? Will the level up happens as an event or what..?



    The level up happens after you finish your sales on Earthday. Once Coco is full you don’t have to keep feeding him.

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