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    1. I could not encounter a “skeleton” in Dusk Ruins. Just lich.
    2. For equipment no. 164, where exactly was it?

    ops sorry skeleton in dragonbone hill and spawn inside cave only.

    About encounter rings idk where I found it sry can’t help except u run dungeons one by one. I listed hidden path in thread hope u find it.


    When post-game play begins, speak to Heath.  (Then speak to Bellatina.)  Heath gives you a pickaxe.  It breaks all those big black cracked rocks.  In Dragonbone Hill, you’ll come across two black rocks.  One leads to treasure, and the first one, the smaller of the black rocks, opens a passageway that leads to the skeleton you seek. Also, in that vicinity are a couple other cave rooms.  One of them has a secret passage IIRC.



    I think you are mistaken. There is only one breakable rock in Dragonbone.

    And if was this one right here.

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