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    Rina Cascade

    Does anyone completed the treasure chest 5-star achievement? Just to confirm something… Also, some of the main and sub events will give you some items and SOMETIMES IF YOU SKIP THE CONVERSATION OF THAT EVENT, YOU WILL NOT GET THE REWARD ITEM. Be careful to the future players of this game that has the desire of 100% completion??

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    Thanks for remainder us about it, I don’t know about skip event bug so they will happen to not get the item.. this bad.

    I still stuck at 130 treasure chest seems happen to u too. Already been through all dungeon and town but not a chance to get last one.

    If anyone can confirm completed treasure chest reward please let us know.


    Has anyone found all 131 chest yet? Does anyone know the amount of chest each town has? šŸ˜¢


    Maybe it is in super hidden Area as for some months I thought that Two Treasures in Fernz Gate were bugged but they were in very well hidden path that no X-ray could see..

    Welcome šŸ˜‡


    Okay! Found the last chest for the 131. It was super hidden in Marino Strada.


    Spoiler The chest I was missing


    Spoiler 2

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