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    So I’m wondering what combos are out there to get more customers. Please share any that you might have.


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    I don’t have many that I’ve managed to find, but from my limited testing on dishes, ive pretty much figured out that it has to do with the type of dishes you’re serving together.

    The best example I’ve found for early game is “Smoked anything + Wine” will result in the boost of “get more customers”.

    Some others that I’ve found so far are:

    German Potatoes + Homemade Liquor

    Steamed Mushrooms + Sushi

    Beer + Pacchio/Smoked/Spicy foods

    Parfait + Non-alcoholic Drinks

    Beefsteak + Salads/Stews

    Curry + Salads/Sushi/Beef & Potatoes

    Rice + Salad

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    Hm I didn’t know it had a combo for boosting customers. What I did always click favorite button for servings.


    Actually, this is very useful information. I’ll have to add it into my Master Doc of the game for people.

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