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    So I’m wondering what combos are out there to get more customers. Please share any that you might have.


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    I don’t have many that I’ve managed to find, but from my limited testing on dishes, ive pretty much figured out that it has to do with the type of dishes you’re serving together.

    The best example I’ve found for early game is “Smoked anything + Wine” will result in the boost of “get more customers”.

    Some others that I’ve found so far are:

    German Potatoes + Homemade Liquor

    Steamed Mushrooms + Sushi

    Beer + Pacchio/Smoked/Spicy foods

    Parfait + Non-alcoholic Drinks

    Beefsteak + Salads/Stews

    Curry + Salads/Sushi/Beef & Potatoes

    Rice + Salad

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    Hm I didn’t know it had a combo for boosting customers. What I did always click favorite button for servings.


    Actually, this is very useful information. I’ll have to add it into my Master Doc of the game for people.


    hello, new here,

    one combo i just found(i started playing today, I finished ABS years ago and i love the vibe of this game) was:

    onion salad + Bean soup + Mushroom pasta

    also thank you Luminaera for making that master doc, its super helpful and I’ve always wanted to contribute to ABS but everything there was already done, so it’s nice to see I can still help in its remake since its still relatively new. (sorry for the long post for just one thing it’s my first time here)

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    Hey, don’t worry, and welcome aboard, @akii ! ^_^

    (I probably should say something else, but lets leave that for Commander)

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

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    @akii, welcome 🙂 And don’t worry about making Long Posts 🙂 🙂

    Welcome 😇

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    Welcome @akii. It’s so nice you decided to join. You came to the right place, for sure. These dudes know EVERYTHING!

    Long post? Hah! Do we have some surprises for you, then! (And this is one of them.)

    Don’t worry about length of posts. The only way to get the answer you need is by giving the proper details. Sometimes we do it one line, sometimes we do it in paragraphs.


    As far as answering your question: I didn’t pay too much attention to recipe mixes. I always put out the most expensive or newest dishes. I would also put out dishes to complete the tasks. (Don’t remember if they’re called tasks, or what.) But it’s some list where you have to sell so many alcohol dishes, so many apple dishes, etc. Trophies, maybe?

    Another thing I did was watch the trends of items being sold. When I posted the menu and when I collected the money I would watch the faces to see if there was a big change, and there usually wasn’t. I would also check how much of each item sold.  I didn’t do this as a science, I just made guesses based on what I remembered.

    I will say, I made a ton of money in that game, and money was never really a problem. I didn’t care what was on the menu, either, as long as it was the most expensive item I could get out there. And I had no problems with sales.

    You may not have to worry about dish mixes on the menu board too much unless it’s something you find fun and experimental. I would imagine as you progress through the game and learn more recipes, the menu combos will change. If you do learn of good combos as you play through, then please feel free to share them. We love stuff like that 😊.

    Did you know there are also dishes you can make for your party? Some dishes temporarily boost stats, or a particular stat I should say, before you go into dungeons. That had always proven helpful for me.

    Only one stat-boosting dish at a time will work. If you give a dish to increase HP, increase ATK, and increase DEF, then only the last stat-boosting dish you fed the party member will count. To fill their empty belly, look for foods with decent quality.

    Each menu item has a number on how much it will raise exp points. Sometimes you gotta go with cheap ones, and feed them a bunch .But sometimes, you can feed them 4-5 dishes to fill them, but the exp boost is much larger, relatively speaking.

    Good luck! We’re here to help.


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