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    This thread contains spoilers- as mentioned in the title. !caution!


    So Ive played Marenian Tavern Story for a while and I just defeated Toto the counter-part of Coco. The game ends in a loop right?  I wasnt sure if I did something wrong. After you defeat Toto you end up at you last save point- near the boss. So you cant really beat him.

    He drops the ring of greed but I cannot find it in my inventory.

    So my questions are-

    1. The game end in a loop right? I did not do anything wrong.
    2. Can you ever enter your old home or the Silver Spoon Inn?
    3. Is there another story line? Besides the tavern story? I red something about the adventure guild





    When you beat him, you have to save the game after the credits. It’ll save as “cleared data”. Then exit out and come back in to load it up.


    I did. It says clear data. But I start over before the fight at my last safe point. so its a loop.

    Mh maybe I will refight him.


    That’s how everything ends. Right before the Boss. I didn’t play this game but all Kemco games, if have Post-game content, will most likely throw you at the last Save point. Go out of the place to see if something changes.

    Welcome 😇


    But how do you get those rocks with the cracks out of the way. I red you have to beat 2 other stories. but how do I trigger them.

    After I defeated toto I safed, got the „clear data“ and got out of the cave. ( still Imdont have the ring of greed in my inventory)

    Now I just have normal tavern days. I just have the feeling I did something wrong or I miss something out. There must be more to do ( other than getting everything in the encyclopedia)


    Okay I know finally solved the problem. I dont know what the problem was in the end. I had to defeat toto three times in total. Everytime I got the clear data nothing happend. I did not have the items from the fight nor the story achievment. It was as if the fight (s) didnt even happen.


    This time I did not overwrite my normal game slot- I just used an empty one (if you know what I mean)On my second slot it now worked. I appeard in the tavern and not in the cave and had the items + the story achievment and can finally go on.

    Ty for all the help. I will post this in my other thread too, hoping I can help as many people who have to face the same bug.


    As I said I play on Switch maybe its because of that and the solution was either beating toto 3 times OR and this is what I ultimatly think : Dont safe on your normal game slot use and empty one.  So just dont overwrite ur old save just save by creating a new one.

    Now I can finally speak to heath and I will make sure all the rocks get out of my WAY! 😀

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