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    Hello guys! I noticed that there wasn’t a wiki available for this game yet so I thought we could reach more people and get more feedback if we had a wiki! here’s the link below and let me know if i have permission to upload some of the things from here or if you want you can go ahead and upload it yourself 🙂 thank you!

    The link is also now on the ABS(Adventure bar story) wiki page incase anyone needs another way of getting there since it’s not showing up as one of the top results on google

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    also @luminaera Would it be okay If we posted your master doc on the wiki? anyone is free to contribute if you would like 🙂 if not thats totally okay!


    Oh! Most certainly you can! I want to make it as accessible as possible for people to access and even help fill in information.


    @akii I made a couple small changes, and am looking forward to maybe helping out a little on the wiki. I hope you don’t mind the changes I made.

    Thank you for starting the wiki. I think the game is very fun, but there is not much information out there about it.

    I'm here for the chips.

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