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    near the end game/ post end game who do you guys think is an overall better character, Dante or Bellatina? why?(without stat tomes enhancing)

    also what’s your preferred team lay out?


    Good question.  I’ve actually been running both of them and a mage/witch recently. They’re decent together.


    Yeah I’ve been thinking of doing that instead aswell since I realize now that im not stuck with patty like you are in ABS.

    some formations im thinking about are:





    I don’t have as much interest in Elias at the moment since im still unlocking his skills but im trying to achieve a balance between magic and physical since Bellatina does this well, it’s just the other characters I have to worry about, after I finish Elias I’ll finish all of varl’s skills and then I’ll post them all with full details to the wiki 🙂

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