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    Hi there!

    I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me with the Maximum Hit trophy for the encyclopedia. It says “9,999 damage in battle,” but does this refer to 9,999 damage done with one strike? 9,999 damage done with one character during a battle?

    Additionally, any recommendations on which character to use for this one? I’ve currently got Dante stacked and equipped like a brick house, but it’s not working.

    Thanks ahead of time!


    @penthesileia, this requires dealing 9,999 damage (or more if game allows) Damage with a Single Hit (Note: any Trophy like this can be done using either Single Target attack or multi-hit but one of the multi-hit attacks must show 9,999 damage. So it’s best to do it using strongest attack with a character who has high stats.


    I didn’t play this game so I don’t have any strategies for making that amount of damage in a single hit (must be shown on screen) but I know you need to be strong enough to do it. Check which character has the best damage skill and train him/her.

    Welcome 😇

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    Managed to get this few moments ago with Patti/Bellatina/Varl (all level 99)

    Used equipment on Varl of Spirit Bow (for Magic Creatures +50%), Bear Suit/Fearlessness Ring (for bonus ATK), I bought 30 ATK Tomes from the Jewel Shop, then used Meatloaf on him for ATK 10%. This gave me a total of ATK 518.

    Went to Pecora Plains (normal) for encounter of 2 Birds + 1 Slime, used Patti to cast Flame Rush on Varl, then did Arrow Rain, it looked like it did 16000-17000 damage on each target, but the numbers were overlapping somewhat.

    Hope this helps

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    Thank you so much for the help, @mastertrek and @lullabymysmist!

    I had a feeling it would only pop if a single character got the damage in one move, but it’s a relief to know that’s what I’m aiming for.

    And thank you so much for letting me know your set-up for getting it, lullabymymist. I’ve got Varl pretty pumped up with tomes as well. I’ll give this a shot again tonight.




    I did this with Stella against the green slimes at the first dungeon. I used Mental Concentration + Vanish. Mana Robe and Mana Boots raise gives you also more power. I did around 13000 damage without tokens, with 30 MAT tokes around 18000… and that’s without using orbs that boost damage against specific enemys.

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