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    I have no idea what happened by the game was fairly easy, even had no problems with boss fights, all was going well until these darn bears. I have tried every attack, can’t find there weakness, I have died 20x now, no juice left, no revives. Has to be the hardest battle yet of the game. I defeated the first two bears but then 3 more came and I have barely made any dents in them and they KO me 11x. Please help!



    Spoiler - Bears' Weaknesses

    The White Bear Ranger is Weak to fire and earth, but resistant to water, so having a Weapon with fire element can help a bit for that monster only.

    Brown bear ranger is resistant to fire (50) but weak against wind and water.

    The Panda Ranger has no weakness, and all three are resistant to spirit (Status Effects)


    My suggestion is, on first turn, Buff the whole party with Air Shield and Tail Wind use Support/ Flame Rage with the main Attackers and center one character to heal only. Keep the buffs and defeat one bear at a time. Bring lots of revive, medium and large health and mana bottles.

    Other than that, level up a bit and get Tomes to increase the stats of your characters.

    Good Luck with the bears!!

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