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    I’m having trouble with what food I need to give to NPCs, an example is the store owner in Casanavi. I tried all the Tuna recipes I know, but none of them worked…



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    Is that the one where you need JasperĀ Grass?

    Am I?

    I can’t recall the tuna recipe, but really just look at a recipe list, look at what tuna recipes you’re missing from your list, and bring everything.

    For the girl in Casanavi, honey pancake. For the adventurer shop guy, scallop sushi.

    And no, it’s not Jasper grass.

    Just some guy

    It’s tuna cutlet. You don’t seem to get a reward for giving it to him, he just says to buy some from him next time you are by. Maybe he will stock more tuna in the future?

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