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    hi i am still newbee. I confuse to choose the character. can anyone give screanshoot about skill character for all character? if don have all , then all you have is no problem too. thx very much for help me

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    Never played the game, but I know from the Beginner Tips that Erica learns stealing early ingame, and that this is a great skill.


    I think the game allow you to play all three MCs (Main Characters) at once, so no need to choose one. Just try to keep all three well fed without worrying too much in early game.

    That is what I would do, anyway. Why making a strong char and two weaklings when I can have a solid party?



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    i am already play many rpg game. and i know about skil steal but well thank for the replay i appreciate for your replay. what i still confuse is the best combination for the 3 member of party. anyone can give advice? and i still need skill list for me to easy for choose the character.

    i now still try with stella,bellatina, and varl

    hi nice too meet u

    Daniel x2

    hello in marenian taver story, each caracther have their own job. Each one have diferntes habilites. But for get ingredients dont have diference if you change caracthers. Sorry for mi english, im form Mexicpo

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