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    After defeating the last boss, I got “cleared data.”
    My tavern rank is 10 and still I cannot complete Dante’s Dream quests.

    Dante’s Dream 1,2,3,4 are all displayed on my Scenario without check mark.
    I did the required conditions for Dante’s Dream 1, but it is still not completed.
    I kept talking to Dante, and all other NPCs, and so on. No changes made.

    Is there any certain requirement to complete these quests?




    what you need is just ‘few days’.

    just open your tavern several times


    Thank you for your comment.

    I had opened the tavern more than few days. Actually I had opened it a few seasons, as you see my tavern rank is already at max 10.

    Should I just open and not sell any foods? or is there anything that I missed?


    It seems you havent missed anything. when you clear NO.024(by making a coffie), few days later, NO.028 automatically begins(you dont need to talk to anyone), and few days after NO.028, next quest begins, and so on. So entire series of quest needs several weeks. and tavern rank doesn`t matter at all.

    All I can say is just try to open for a few more days and If nothing happens, this might be a fatal bug.


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    As you advised, I kept opening the taverns several days more, I just completed Dante’s Dream 1.
    Thanks alot khatia 😀

    Here is what happened. (just in case there is anybody who faces same issue)
    I had completed No.028 first (actually a few seasons ago), and completed No.024 recently.
    I assume that “a few days after” condition may apply when both No.028 and No.024 completed, even if the quest condition mentions “after No.024 and a few days after No.028.”

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