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    Hi all, I need help with subquest #6 in Miden Tower. I can’t find the second person in the hide-and-seek game. It’s my last subquest to complete before the main game boss fight. Can anyone advise?


    Thank you.

    Their location is fixed. The hardest is the boy, he hides behind house in middle row house near intersection. The girl hides behind a tree between guild and arena. I forgot where the guy is but hes easy to spot. If you catch wrong person the mini game restart with new random person hiding.

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    Thanks! Finally found her!

    To be exact, the 2nd kid is behind the building to the right of the inn. Bright as day light – I don’t know how it took me hours!



    I am missing Subquest 4 and can’t figure out how I missed it (unless it was while the Imperial Guards were invading towns). Anyone know what it is and how to get it?



    I don’t remember if there is anything to trigger SQ #4, but here are the details of the quest:

    Subquest 4:  Napping Intruder

    • Client: Mia
    • Location: Witch’s Haven
    • Description:  Collect some Morning Basilis at the Magma Sea and give it to the magma sheep sleeping in Mia’s home to wake it up.
    • Reward: Fossilized Leaf
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    If you go to Witches’ Haven, and turn right at the first hallway, there is a sheep with a cloud over his head. That’s how you get the quest.


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