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    I’ll just leave this here:

    Subquest List
    1. What is Important – Stewart, Jurisdictive Town of Stohl, Return a book to Madeline in the same town.  Reward: Ether S x2
    2. Memory of One’s Parents – Farrah,  Jurisdictive Town of Stohl, Find a pair of Silver Rings in the Village Ruins of Alegria. Reward: MP Herb x3
    3. Threat in the Corridor  – Zed,  Jurisdictive Town of Stohl, Defeat a powerful monster in the Pacifying Corridor. Reward: Lodestone S x2
    4. Napping Intruder – Mia, Witch’s Haven, Collect some Morning Basilis at the Magma Sea and give it to the magma sheep sleeping in Mia’s home to wake it up. Reward: Fossilized Leaf
    5. Petalus Residents’ Anxiety –  Olivia, Floral City of Petalus, Defeat 5 Bone Skulls on Vitah Ridge. Reward: Water Charm
    6. Hide-and-Seek Prelims – Rudy, Floral City of Petalus, Find some children in the same city twice who use magic to make themselves nearly invisible. Reward: Strawman 2
    7. Pursuer of History – Stanley, Jurisdictive Town of Stohl, Obtain 3 Shears from the Abominable Cutters that live in the Argent Cage. Reward: Defense Artifact
    8. Blocked Access to Wealth – Gerald, Floral City of Petalus, Defeat a monster that lives in the Town Ruins of Rabrint. Reward: STR Herb x3
    9. Grahn’s Legacy – Kerra,  Jurisdictive Town of Stohl, Collect Wheat, Seed Potatoes & Beans from the Amber Village of Grahn.  Reward: Counter Charm
    10. Funeral Ceremony – Vaughn,  Floral City of Petalus, Defeat 8 Bright Bears in the Amber Village of Grahn. Reward: Mana Core
    11. Replicas on the Loose – Holly, Floral City of Petalus, Capture 3 Beryl Replicas that fled to Vitah Ridge. Reward: INT Herbs x6
    12. Magic to Protect Allied Headquarters – Fred, Allied Headquarters, Collect 5 Cold Cores from the Frozen Slimes in Liniya Cave. Reward: Ticket x10
    13. Uninvited Visitor –  Genius Sheep,  Ice Flower Mansion, Search out 2 Genius Sheep in the Subzero Lagoon.  Reward: Lodestone M x2
    14. Miden Souvenirs – Dorthy, Allied Headquarters, Collect 3 Nectar and 3 Strange Fruit from the Full-Bloom Flowers that inhabit Wamuda Garden.  Reward: Strength Artifact
    15. Returning a Favor – Irina, Floral City of Petalus, Defeat some dangerous monsters in the Witch’s Crucible. Reward: Giant Charm
    16. Safe Passage – Francesca, Allied Headquarters, Kill 10 Unruly Wyverns in the Watered Town Ruins of Matarl. Reward: Energy Herb x3
    17. Unknown Challenger – Isaac, Allied Headquarters, Collect 8 Bone Fragments from the Freakish Skulls in Vensedol Castle. Reward: Drop Stone
    18. Biological Research – Faith, Allied Headquarters, Defeat 13 Twin-Headed Sheep in the Village Ruins of Serena. Reward: Fire Scroll
    19. Secret Support for Leila– Fan Club Member, Council Hall, Defeat a giant monster in Wamuda Garden. Reward: Omni Charm
    20. Protector of Catherine’s Home – Markus, Jurisdictive Town of Stohl, Investigate a suspicious figure seen lurking in front of Catherine’s house in Matarl and report back to Markus. Reward: Mysterious Bearskin

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