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    I thought I’d share my impressions of some of the differences between Miden Tower and several of the older Exe-Create offerings.  I will focus on game play rather than graphics, music, story, etc.  Overall, I think the changes make the game more interesting, and the battles slightly more difficult.

    The biggest difference I noticed is that Miden Tower  game play/difficulty seems more balanced than several Exe-Create games.  I don’t mean that just that the difficulty setting can be changed on the fly throughout the game.  Until the toughest bosses in the post-game, physical and magic skills are roughly equally useful (but for the killer bosses late magic skills are required).  There are no super weapons, not even anything like the “Maid Weapons” (perhaps there are some in the gacha  inapp) that can make you OP.  Some of the major bonus attributes in prior games are weakened here: critical is only +25% (although some rare “passive” skills can increase that just for one turn), and formation placement only adjusts attack/damage by +/- 15%.  To offset these reductions somewhat, elementals are more significant here.  In my experience, elementals in prior games can usually be ignored, so it is nice to see they play a larger role in Miden Tower.

    In many prior Exe-Create games there is a “weapon enhancement” scheme that helps you strengthen your characters.  That scheme was frequently messy and overly complicated.  This feature is streamlined in Miden Tower by making every weapon (not counting the wall’s bricks) have 6 effect slots, with their type and order identical across all weapons.  This means there is no “removing” a slot, and “enhancing” becomes simply selecting any weapon and clicking the synthesizing button.  In addition, with the limit on critical mentioned above, weapon enhancing becomes less important than in other games.

    The “gardens” where you plant items to transform/increase them are retained here, but at least now it is easy to see the list of possible transforms, with probabilities and time required, for every item.

    The inapp shop has nothing that you need, indeed a little less than in prior games, but still has the typical time savers (exp, gold, sp, etc.).

    There are the typical metal monsters (see @coarsedragon post below) for grinding, and also a “training level” with treasures.   I found the best grinding to be abusing the advanced arena, once you can one-hit its top monster (just as in other Exe-Create arenas).

    There is one feature that appears new to me, and which I don’t like.  So-called “manatic fields” (the following is a quote from the help guide):”Manatic fields are fields with special effects than randomly trigger for both allies & enemies at the start of battle.  While there are good effects, there are also bad ones.”

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    Nemomon wrote:

    This game is super hard! My characters on a lvl ~200 were unable to beat the final boss on auto on easy difficulty!

    1oldtymer replied:
    Yes, the battles require attention to not just level, but formation and build up of “skill” levels.  Auto will not get you through.  There are substantial bonuses in the “passive” skills that help, but you need to have acquired them (not always easy).  Eventually for the post game (but not the pre-post game)  you will need to grind (abuse the advanced arena to get Ultimate Extract.  Once you can one hit the arena monster, you can quickly get most of your attributes to max if you like.

    Older, but not wiser

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