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    I make no damage


    Im am level 500 and have trouble

    Is there any tip to deal dmg ?


    I didn’t played this game; But this is probably a special cup rule which nullifies damage. In this case, you can try to kill them by status ailments/swoon, or read carefully the rule description for hints.

    (Sometimes only physical damage is nullified.)


    Rules Damage dealt divided by 80 hits (for all allies)


    With Fire Magic with many hits i have done it thanks

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    I was Level 400. I put two players on all-out magic, one to only heal and one on mix. Left it on auto. Went for a break (read a book for about 15 minutes), and came back to find that I’ve won. Keeping yourself alive is crucial. I went in with about 70 heal-all potions (7000 HP).

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