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    @msg-commander should be happy – a new Hit-Point game is going to be released in four days.

    More about it there:

    Kemco page:

    Google Play page:


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    Abdu Sharif

    Yoooo This game looks cool, Hopefully this means hitpoint is finally back to making full rpg games regularly.

    The description says the story will depend on the decisions you make (which is a first for hitpoint? correct me if I’m wrong) And there’s multiple endings and different  companions who will follow you depending on the story direction you take.

    Crystareino had the decision making element but that didn’t completely change the story direction, and you will still have the companions you want, that was fun and means this game might be better if the story is done right (and since the story direction will change depending on your decision).

    I’m already hype for this game.

    I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD

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    Cool, very promising at least new hit point game release, fortunately they keep level when we start new game +, not like soul historical.


    MSG Commander

    It does look promising, but right now I’m waiting for Legerrior (or, the English title – Legend of the Tetrarchs). 😀

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    It does look promising, but right now I’m waiting for Legerrior (or, the English title – Legend of the Tetrarchs). 😀

    In the meantime You can try the Monochrome ;).


    Anyway, lots of updates were added to the first post of this topic.

    MSG Commander

    Sadly, it’s not compatible with any of my devices.

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    i bought it from JP Google store and now trying it a bit.



    From the description and graphic style it seems to take some inspiration from Octopath Traveler.

    ◆ Multi-story & multi-ending!

    “Arbitrage” will greatly change the position of the story and the protagonist!
    Depending on your choice, you may even step into the path of evil ……

    ◆ Fun to go around!
    If you clear one route, you can restart from the next route by maintaining the level!
    Can you conquer all routes! ?

    ◆ A
    total of 18 characters will be friends depending on many friends stories and decisions!
    Use your character’s unique skills to fight the battle.



    Kemco Hitpoint games are must have !!!







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