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    I’m missing # 46,58,65, and 70.  Any information that would help me find them will be welcome.  Unfortunately the Monster Guide frequently has no information on the location of a monster.

    [EDIT] Thanks to Luther’s post, I now have only #70 still missing.

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    To fight this one u need find pegasus quest ( the one who guide u to elf village ). Need to talk to old lady in elf village. That old lady in bed.


    For number 70 i still dont know,

    Note : anyone here have get candy? Im missing those one to get the ghost in elf village.

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    Number 70 is a Ice Dragon main habitat is Castle of Winter.


    As for get candy I do have it I found the Honey apple pie in a house in A village called Kelt Village its in the house in the north of the village it has a nun inside.  Kelt Village is on the large island on the right and is located at the far north of the island.


    As for the other two items I do not remember where I found them.

    As for the



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    I I am missing monster no. 19 does anyone know where it is and is completing the monster guide required for the Anyone is a friend achievement on xbox one.


    Number 19 is “Ectoplasm” and the description reads “A lost spirit on the Ghost Ship that continues to wait for its father.”  Main Habitat ???

    I don’t know anything about the achievements.

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    Found the ghost ship thanks just need to collect all monsters you can use I have 24 of them think I am missing 1

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    Lee Hales

    I’m missing # 29 and # 70 please help!


    29 is Icybeak whose main habitat is around Elf Village

    70 is Ice Dragon whose main habitat is around Elf Village

    which means they are both in the area somewhere outside but near Elf Village

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