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    I’m missing # 46,58,65, and 70.  Any information that would help me find them will be welcome.  Unfortunately the Monster Guide frequently has no information on the location of a monster.

    [EDIT] Thanks to Luther’s post, I now have only #70 still missing.

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    To fight this one u need find pegasus quest ( the one who guide u to elf village ). Need to talk to old lady in elf village. That old lady in bed.


    For number 70 i still dont know,

    Note : anyone here have get candy? Im missing those one to get the ghost in elf village.

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    Number 70 is a Ice Dragon main habitat is Castle of Winter.


    As for get candy I do have it I found the Honey apple pie in a house in A village called Kelt Village its in the house in the north of the village it has a nun inside.  Kelt Village is on the large island on the right and is located at the far north of the island.


    As for the other two items I do not remember where I found them.

    As for the



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    I I am missing monster no. 19 does anyone know where it is and is completing the monster guide required for the Anyone is a friend achievement on xbox one.


    Number 19 is “Ectoplasm” and the description reads “A lost spirit on the Ghost Ship that continues to wait for its father.”  Main Habitat ???

    I don’t know anything about the achievements.

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    Found the ghost ship thanks just need to collect all monsters you can use I have 24 of them think I am missing 1

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