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    I just beat the game with levels 64/61/62/64

    I employed a strategy surrounding Kuro as my main damage dealer (Increases Attack when HP gets lower)

    With My setup Kuro could easily do up to 60k damage in a single attack.

    Im only gonna point out the most important stuff. Ask for details if you want to know more.

    Kuros setup

    Weapon: Highest attack weapon you can find (I have ~800 and 10% crit)

    Armor: Elemental Guard ( For status resisting)

    High Power Ring


    Frenzied Onslaught (Crit rate and damage on missing HP)

    Destroyer Bargain (30% Attack, loose 10% HP each round) This scales exceptionally well with Kuro. It triggers in the beginning of your turn which is amazing

    The rest of the team can be setup in any way. Best is to have maximum support. I used Dragon Knight, Alchemist and Hinoko(For crit rate increase and occasional attack buffs/def debuffs)

    I have the resistance Carmina on my engineer which is great together with Taboo Revival (Can resist the instant death effect)

    If you wanna know more, feel free to ask. Also post your own strategies for winning if you have beaten the game.




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