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    Aurora Jenny

    This is going to bug me, but I have the Brass Cup,  Abyssal Crystal Ball, and the Verses of Galdr. Where is my last one? I’ve pretty much been everywhere, but… It’s the last job treasure I need to find.


    I can’t help, as I don’t remember, but it is the Dragon Scale Kabuto.

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    Aurora Jenny

    Thanks, I guess I’ll just have to roam the dungeons again.


    IIRC Dragon Scale Kabuto on the Grave of the Heroes (between Deselle and last dungeon). I remember it was drop of a boss.

    Aurora Jenny

    Ah! No no,  Dragon Scale Kabuto is gotten from Bahamutina and amps up the Dragon Knight job! Not the Diviner class!


    In addition to the Brass Cup, Abyssal Crystal Ball, and Verses of Galdr, I have Decayed Amulet for the Diviner job, the description is “An amulet to protect the user on sea voyages” and I believe it came from the Ghost Ship.

    I am looking for the fourth Monk job treasure, I have Fighter Belt, Black Studded Tabi, and Fighting Headband, could you point me towards the last one?

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    Aurora Jenny

    That one would be the White Lily. You can find that on the pier where you rescued the caged beasts east of the beach village. It’s on the beach at the  very bottom of the screen.

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