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    All the best equipment can only be synthesized in the workshops, and the base piece equipment’s recipe is obtained by talking to the shop owner.


    -Light: Hrotti, recipe obtained from completing mission 46 (sword of legend). The base weapon is knight sword.

    -Corona: Wyvern, recipe obtained from mission 53 (Black spring in canyon). The base weapon is sky flash.

    -Retea: Caduceus, obtained from mission 54 ( ice dragon) and the base weapon is Wise man’s Rod.

    -Ray: Nine tails, obtained from a chest in Kurunugia’s newly opened areas after revisiting it in story mission 26. Base weapon is silver chain.

    -Alberto: Valkyrie, obtained from a chest in the same area as the nine tales. Base weapon is grave.

    -Dash uses only one weapon (rabbit feet), and you can’t change or upgrade it.


    Heavy armor: 2 options

    • Dragon armor, obtained from mission 47 (armor of legend). Base armor is Beast mail.
    • Wizard killer (I don’t remember where you get the recipe). Base armor is silver mail.

    light armor: 2 options.

    Kunoichi, or soul clothing, both are obtained from the same area as the nine tails. Base armor is airy vest

    Robes: 2 options

    Gloria dress, or Aurora robe, both are found in the same area as the nine tails. Base armor is Witch cloak.

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