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    How do i kill this boss I have tried multiple times and still can’t do it.



    I don’t remember anything specific about the boss Eveck, but I do remember a few things about Genso Chronicles. I played the Vita version called Mystic Chronicles.

    Genso Chronicles is a grindy game even by the standards of developer Hit Point. There is no getting around it – you have to grind to level up your party, and you have to grind to craft the best armor you can for them, or you will just die.

    Level grinding isn’t too hard – just fight the strongest enemies your party can handle, and call it quits whenever experience scaling kicks in and the party isn’t making much progress toward the next level anymore.

    Crafting is more annoying. It’s more important to craft strong armor to keep your party alive. Only your designated physical damage dealers need to craft strong weapons.

    I believe there are helpers (in the item or weapon store?) who will automatically gather crafting materials while you battle. Also, you can combine craft grinding with level grinding by entering a dungeon, going to craft material node(s) and gathering materials, then exit the dungeon and repeat.

    One combat trick that the game doesn’t do a good job of explaining is that you can equip Guardian Beasts with items to improve their statistics.

    Also, keep in mind that you can freely switch back row party members with front row party members, and never underestimate the power of party buffs or debuffs on enemies. Keep party buffs up and enemies debuffed as much as you can.

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