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    Well,what should i say,duh…hmmm

    Alright this game actually named lost guardian(plz,don’t hate me,i just sharing the information about this game)this game doesnt need the tips till chapter 7

    1.the protagonist class

    Never ever took paladin(kainen)or nen master(Ray)(and of course it advanced version as well)unless you had a ton of gem(its not like that class were weak,it just make the game a bit harder(not really)and what we need the most was a ranged skill,we only need a combo for mid range attack when fighting Cronos)

    2.class advancement quest

    Try your best to reach lvl 20 before taking that quest,why? because you can take the first tier of advanced class with a bit of gems(20)and take the 2nd tier class with seal of the warrior(confirmed)oh and try your best to reach lvl 40 before chapter 12

    3.sub quest

    Compelete all sub quest of each chapter doing so Will allow you have 2 lvl higher than the new area mob(not that awesome tough…what you can expect from hardworking fetish…….(LMS MC triggered)

    4.ignit part

    Well,first congrats to reach this tadaaaaa,and this is where the true hell began…..any normal new area mob able to kill you(sometimes)the zombie became more faster and you might accidentally curse the nine generation of your ancestor,all boss were a tough as shit,and the glassy boss able to kill you on few sec(if you was careless enough,tough you can slow down the game(and all boss remind you kainen chapter last boss shade of ignit(not that much tough)all sub quest became harsher(no joke)the only way to get out of this was take all sub quest possible and fight each boss using summon(damm)

    5.tricks(should i say cheat?)

    Remember kainen Robo Dash(using summon)it dealt a damage right?,this might be dirty but you must corner the boss(only those with incredibly big size….cough*)and use it again,again and again,till the boss deader then ded

    As for Ray,him were already awesome with that Legion,but it had a massive weakness…if the Legion get hit,it summon Time Will decrease,and thats about the same if Ray get hit as well(####)

    Alright thats all i know of someone want to add something please do that….oh btw siona and the butler still alive and well at Ray house(hahahaha,no its the game mistake)


    This one is telling the

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    For those playing this game if you are in need of money for skills or crafting. Ch. 9 offers an easy way to farm for gold. It’s a simple trick. After reaching the weapon facility in Snow Valley there will be a scene with Kainen and Ray and you’ll eventually be forced to take over the Ride Armor for Kainen regardless of who’s story you’re playing. However you can upgrade the Armor with special items, one of them being gold drop, these are broken into +1, +2, +3, and +4, I don’t know if there are higher ones than +4 but +1 gives you 50% boost to gold drop(Chests not included) +2 is 100%, +3 is 150% and +4 is 200%. Anyway if you put these on your Ride Armor, gold dropped from enemies will be around 800-1800. If you go through the facility without completing the Main quest(setting explosive charges) you’ll be able to go around in the Ride Armor even if the bar goes down to nothing and you can’t be killed either. You’ll be able to rack up 100,000 gold or more easily as well as level Kainen up pretty quickly too. However this only works if you don’t finish setting the charges or leave the facility otherwise you won’t get the infinite Ride Armor bar.

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