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    Did anyone play it? The only information i can find is kemco’s japanese promo sites. I wonder why they never released it worldwide. Was these games so bad or something?

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    Hi Grande,

    Welcome. I’ve played the first two Alphadia, and even though there is a lot to dislike about them, I would LOVE to see an English release of 3, 4 and 5. I love the story in the first two games but I suspect a lot of people got turned off by poor game mechanics, bad graphics, and ridiculously hard dungeons (I literally HAD to make maps for them just to find my way around.)

    If I had any influence over Exe Create though I would make them translate those 3 games and sell all 5 of them in a bundle.

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    Wait, They.. Exist? Wernt those games the Alphadia genesis series. You’ve gotta link me to the alphadia pages!

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    Wait, They.. Exist? Wernt those games the Alphadia genesis series. You’ve gotta link me to the alphadia pages!

    Here ya go. They were made for mobile phone years ago apparently. Only the 1st and 2nd game has been ported for smartphone iirc.

    I don’t know how to use hyperlink here…

    What an ass...


    Aside of links posted by kamentierr, i can’t find any other info about these games. No playthroughs or plot summary, nothing at all 🙁


    I think I saw something about them on YoiTube, so maybe You should look there for them. If I’m not wrong, these games originally were released for phones, and look (original first two Alphadias too) a little differently than the Andoid games. It could be that the later Alphadias didn’t make it to the Android and that’s why there are no info about them.


    I thought I’d get a chance to play 5 through the emulation scene but it ended up being fake:( Be careful, kids.

    Some day ages down the road it’d be cool if they ported them or even remade them. Kemco isn’t exactly swimming in cash so I’m unsure how possible it would be, or if they’d even be interested. If somebody here knows Japanese well enough they could ask. Small companies are often open to fan input since they don’t have an army of die-hards to fall back on like the huge companies do.

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