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    Yes, I had to struggle while the golems were there.  I wound up just constantly attacking The Bear and left the golems alone.  I never did get my skills back, but I was able to use ATK to finally kill the monster.  I did have all characters with a max skill (Explosion for Mia and Valen,  Falling Blocks for Leila, and Starfall for Gruff), and even with double start and overload, I couldn’t kill Bear before his first real turn (in fact, I cut him down to about 30%).  So you killed the golems?  Interesting–I might give that a try. but I would need to replenish my consumables.

    [EDIT] I gave @Luther strategy a try, and it worked!  I didn’t do exactly what he listed, but took the attitude of maxing out first turn for everybody, and not worry about defense or subsequent turns (because The Bear would make sure we got no more turns).

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    Although most of Miden Tower has its difficulties, in general there isn’t a lot thought needed.  HOWEVER, choosing the right tactics for fighting the toughest boss on Expert (THE BEAR at the end of Beryl’s Dreamland) is critical.  It may take some trial and error, but almost everything is important: formation, skills, and equipment all play a role.  That makes it an attractive challenge, and a boss worthy of being enshrined in the KEMCO MONSTER HALL of FAME.  Of course doing the grinding to get prepared is a chore, but there are ways to speed that up.  The only problem there is that if you level up the wrong skills, you will discover you will need to do some additional grinding with better skills.

    Based on Luther's Tactic

    Armor: Anything that increases ATK &/or INT: Cheer Suit, Cheer Dress, Hot Cardigan

    Helmet: Elemental Sunglasses that match the element of your maxed out skill; perhaps Strainer Headband for Leila

    Accessory: Triple Hit Charm (Leila), Double Start Charm for everybody else

    Skills near the end of the “list” of skills are probably candidates for your strongest skill (except for Leila, for whom you should max Falling Blocks).  The potential max skill (after 1000 uses) is probably the one with the greatest Force when times used is 0.  Not all elements have the same max force. (Fire “Zeta Flare” has 4725, Earth “Starfall” has 5075; I didn’t max out a Water skill or a Physical)

    Use the cauldrons to create Cheer equipment and needed Charms.  You can create everything you need without arena items or the Shop (but you will use treasure items).

    Put your weakest character (NOT Leila) in middle row, everybody else in vanguard.

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    The first metal area I found has monsters between 175 and 180.

    To find it you must finish story quest 49. Then talk to the Beryl replica in Stohl and the area will be marked on the world map.

    You can also get Gold Broom and Blocks.

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    @Luther wrote:

    The strongest boss here is not a joke, but with some tactics u can kill with easily. I have find a way to kill it fast before he spam his jammer golem. This guy block our skill so need to kill it then we can use skill again.


    I’ve defeated THE BEAR on Hard, but on Expert, the best I’ve achieved is to get The Bear into rage, and then he wipes out my party.  On Expert I don’t see how it is possible do that much before it gets its first true turn, at which time it creates all the blocking golems.  From then on, you are restricted to Attack and Hyper Arts.

    [ADDED] I finally defeated THE BEAR on Expert!  What a struggle…Valen was both a punching bag AND a heroic attacker.  Arc Hood equipment was crucial on Valen, as he would die many times. A  large supply of Hi-Potion and other consumables was necessary.  A long long battle (I believe the Wall had at least 3 uses of Hyper Arts) with nothing but attack to cause damage to the monster (no skills).  No gatcha equipment involved.


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    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.


    Yes, finally I obtained the best prize this game has to offer!

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    Miden Tower will be released in Xbox One and Steam  (30 April).
    May in PS4 probably. June in Switch. All assumptions.

    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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