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    “Were are you in Asdivine SaGa? My tablet died and I can’t continue playing it, but last thing I remember I was in a castle where the last party member joined me.”

    i get past that point as my team is complete (that character should be the princess). i am using a boat to go from isle to isle. there is a new part of scenario each time i progress in the world. i will try to finish it (77 scenarios for an old mobile game is a score + 40 sub quest) but i am pretty sure i will miss main quest scenario (i already miss number 12 for example).



    i think this world is the one we see in asdivine kamura in the true end. there is one world that cannot be identified (no heart, no cross, no dios) but serve the dark. this world as in cross i think prayed the dark one since you talk alot to dark follower.


    edit 13/10/19: i went really far in asdivine saga and i am really decided to finish it. so far there are multiple paths according to specific dialogue. i am at quest 40 for now. i only completed 2 missions but they are very simple. i will see if i can finish all the 38 remaining.

    Android is unique

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    MSG Commander

    MSG will probably be elated to hear that this is a remake since that means we could see Alphadia 3 and onwards in 2020.

    I’ve actually put any hopes of Alphadia 3-5 on the back burner. (But if we ever did get them I’d buy all three!) Right now I’m just waiting for Monochrome Order to come out on Android.

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    Liege Dragon is Kemco’s Latest JRPG, Available to Pre-register Now on Google Play

    Kemco is gearing up to release its latest JRPG, Liege Dragon, which has just popped up on Google Play for you to pre-register for.

    You play as a princess who has to lead her kingdom, following the death of her father, and an amnesiac young man who collapsed on a mountain.

    Liege Dragon Challenges You to Defeat an Evil Resurrected Dragon

    Your goal is to find the Dragon Tools of the Three Heroes, which are key to defeating an Evil Dragon that has been resurrected.

    At this point, we’re wondering if Kemco creates these plots using an algorithm or random JRPG story generator.

    Anyway, if the bombardment of cliches hasn’t put you off, go ahead and pre-register for Liege Dragon right now on Google Play.

    Source: DroidGamers

    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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