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    You don’t have to reinvent what a turn-based-combat is to have a good game.

    What I am frowning upon, is that is seems like a money grabber to me. But hey, they did money grabbers with different and somewhat innovative systems, so originality is not my criteria to purchase (or not) an Exe-Create game.


    It’s reputation, I know Exe-Create for having a mixed bag of good games and money grabbers – So except for Freemiums, all premium games from them I would rather read reviews before deciding if it is worth the purchase or if it is just a (rather expensive) money grabber.


    When I pay for a game, I expected to have access to all game-changing content from the start without the premium currency bullshit.

    Not related to this website BUT.

    Do not play Evertale. EVER. It is a premium game which relies 100.00% and some more in gacha games. With a premium currency.

    The only good units are behind a 1% gacha and getting the premium currency ingame is terrible – It requires the same effort which other gacha games ask, but other gacha games are free (and usually have more than 1% rate…)

    Evertale also advertises itself to have an Offline mode but don’t be tricked by it. It is a MMO without the “Massive Multiplayer” on it. The only difference is that the first act of the story can be played offline (the story currently have 3 acts…)


    I’ll quote TV here. If you have spare money to waste on it – DON’T. Buy an icecream instead. You’ll be happier even if you get fat from eating it.

    A few Kemco games are bad, but except for maybe what hadjane says goes game (and some overpriced latest additions) most of them are still a better option than an icecream…

    Sorry, I’m rambling while I compare games to decide how well I spent money this year. I’ll stop now.

    And while I’m sidetracked, I’m waiting @msg-commander to add Monochrome Order to Completed Kemco Games list on profile section. I must mark it as done, that’s a rare event which usually happens no more than twice every year O.o (It’s amazing to see how many games on the list I have, played, but never finished)


    Ruinverse is a mobile RPG developed by KEMCO. Players will enter a world with 4 races, including human, elf, dwarf and orc. Players will begin an adventure in this fantasy world with cute companions and defeat the enemies to get valuable rewards!




    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.


    The game is out in English now. Go throw your money at Kemco and grind until you hit level 999.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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    This is what….err santa claus equip look like xd

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    I kinda want to purchase this game now… Mostly because Quarantine makes me want to play Asdivine, and I’m too lazy to finish Kamura >.<


    I mean, I don’t plan in finishing it anyway >.> But $ 9 is still quite some money.


    PS. For anyone looking for playstore link:


    More discussion:


    English website: (EDIT)


    Highlight for due dilligencies: @msg-commander @mpg-annihilator

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    And i forget to mention….the skill point is a pain in ass system xd


    I downloaded the game, and…



    First thing I do is look at help section. The text is too small (possibly even smaller than average), and the buttons are so, SO THIN, that I wonder how I’ll even press them.


    I’ll start the game, but if the rest of the interface use buttons as small as this one, then sorry, but I have fat fingers.

    Be warned it may have terrible controls.


    EDIT: Started the game, options and other interfaces are mostly bad. Except for one screen or two. I’m not a huge fan of the drawer system which they reused from Seek Hearts, so that’s a minus.

    They added a roulette, which every day you can spin three times for rewards (incl. Angel Tears, the IAP currency). The lottery for equipment was replaced in a shop (good). The lottery which you pay to spin is now for weapon skins, which give passive boosts.

    Seems like garden will be back, to plant fruits D:

    Almost everything on the ingame menus have a letter too small and either my eyesight is more tired than previously, or they really used 8px fonts on the interfaces. Only story have a decent font size.


    …Accessibility rating: Zero, perhaps a contender for the worst Kemco game in this regard.

    EDIT 2: I believe this game could be 2x more enjoyable if the buttons where bigger. I barely reached the first dungeon: leveled up, and the skill system would be nice – if text and buttons were bigger. It is terrible for a phone game.

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