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    You don’t have to reinvent what a turn-based-combat is to have a good game.

    What I am frowning upon, is that is seems like a money grabber to me. But hey, they did money grabbers with different and somewhat innovative systems, so originality is not my criteria to purchase (or not) an Exe-Create game.


    It’s reputation, I know Exe-Create for having a mixed bag of good games and money grabbers – So except for Freemiums, all premium games from them I would rather read reviews before deciding if it is worth the purchase or if it is just a (rather expensive) money grabber.


    When I pay for a game, I expected to have access to all game-changing content from the start without the premium currency bullshit.

    Not related to this website BUT.

    Do not play Evertale. EVER. It is a premium game which relies 100.00% and some more in gacha games. With a premium currency.

    The only good units are behind a 1% gacha and getting the premium currency ingame is terrible – It requires the same effort which other gacha games ask, but other gacha games are free (and usually have more than 1% rate…)

    Evertale also advertises itself to have an Offline mode but don’t be tricked by it. It is a MMO without the “Massive Multiplayer” on it. The only difference is that the first act of the story can be played offline (the story currently have 3 acts…)


    I’ll quote TV here. If you have spare money to waste on it – DON’T. Buy an icecream instead. You’ll be happier even if you get fat from eating it.

    A few Kemco games are bad, but except for maybe what hadjane says goes game (and some overpriced latest additions) most of them are still a better option than an icecream…

    Sorry, I’m rambling while I compare games to decide how well I spent money this year. I’ll stop now.

    And while I’m sidetracked, I’m waiting @msg-commander to add Monochrome Order to Completed Kemco Games list on profile section. I must mark it as done, that’s a rare event which usually happens no more than twice every year O.o (It’s amazing to see how many games on the list I have, played, but never finished)


    Ruinverse is a mobile RPG developed by KEMCO. Players will enter a world with 4 races, including human, elf, dwarf and orc. Players will begin an adventure in this fantasy world with cute companions and defeat the enemies to get valuable rewards!




    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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